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  1. I think i have a better idea now: @Nozzomi, idk and not seed the vanilla method, but you can try to use a event (if the player for example use its hand) and if the RayTracing uses vectors, then add a scalar to this vector. If you dk what vectors are (and if the VanillaRaytracing uses and/or return a vector) then here is a page: https://www.mathsisfun.com/algebra/vectors-dot-product.html
  2. Thx, i already finded a way to register it, but without the DeferredRegister
  3. Ok, idk how exactly atempt this I searched and found this method, but not understand the math behind this: https://github.com/DaRealTurtyWurty/Humlands-Mod/blob/master/src/main/java/com/turtysproductions/humlands/core/world/dimension/HumlandsBiomeProvider.java#L37
  4. Hi, i am working on a custom dimension, but for some reasons i only have one Biome. I created 3 Biomes, and dont know why the others not spawn/are created. Here is my BiomeProvider : GithubLink and here is my dimension package: GithubPackageLink. Hope this will help you. Thanks for reading.
  5. Thanks for replying! Ok, but now how i can make my own renderer (my custom renderer)? Then, i not really understand why we need the TileEntityRenderer, but i can try (not know how to attempt this).
  6. Hi, i have see a mod that have a really very nice block texture, and i am wonder that i not have see any pixels in the chest. The only Art type i know that don‘t use Pixel is vector art, but as Minecraft is a pixel based game: Can i create a vector art texture and use it in a Mod? I have see this post (https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding-java-edition/resource-packs/resource-pack-discussion/2268466-a-beginners-guide-to-vector-based-textures), but this is for resource packs (i not really think that anyone from Minecraft forum want make a tutorial for modding, and if yes, i not know if forge support this), not for modding. So not am sure if it was the same for mods. Thanks for reading!
  7. Try to update to the last mappings versions. Yes, here is no more a cubelist, but you simply can use the add function.
  8. Idk, try to see or the render or your item class
  9. First try to read vanilla tile entity of a target model/example (So EnderPortalBlock tile entity or the tile entity of a NetherPortalBlock). Hope this will help you. Else you can extends of the two classes and just override some methods and functions
  10. See the Minecraft Vanilla code, it will help you to make one, else you can create a class and then extends the vanilla crossbow.
  11. I not thin this is possible, but you can or teleport the player in this Dimension and then say it was a new World, or try to replace all structures, blocks, mobs, dimensions and biomes with your, but this was the same as reload the entire game, so let‘s say you go into the world, after 15 min (not for me, but here are players that it was so) you want to play minecraft, but then you re-need to wait, but this time 25 min (depends on what you want to add in your new Dimension). This is what i mean, if it was false so say it me.
  12. You need then Dimension, else a new World would be too complicated. Yes, you can make a custom Dimension with custom Biomes. If you want to make a World in the Space for example the world would be limited. I am sure that mods such Spacecraft and etc use Dimensions with custom Biomes, for making so that you think it was a new world. If you want to make mini planets in the sky or space, then this is more structure and others thing.
  13. @GreatWolf, what do you mean with world, a new dimension or a biome? For a Biome see this: Else see my or TurtyWurty‘s github.
  14. Ehm, ok, but yesterday i started another on the General category. Can you so pls close the other? Sorry for this.
  15. Ok, but here is a user that has ask for help with a server log, and it see different as the normal logs. Does this was normal (not need to understand the log, but only want to know if mod and server logs are different)?
  16. So, i see that i posted this in the wrong categoric: How can i delete/close this topic?
  17. Yes, can you update your mod? If you need help and would ask the forum, then you will see that you can‘t do it as 1.12.2 is outdated. Then the mobs simply looks really good, i like this. But you still can leave this for others that want use this in a modpack. Hope this feedback will help you.
  18. I not have work with seeds, but i know a middle good documentation: Vanilla code. Now really, if you really want to make custom seeds so just see how Vanilla it does.
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