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    compile fg.deobf("blank:filename:fileversion")

    should do what you need.

    Make sure the libs/ is added as a flatDir repo.


    The blank is needed, but it is ignored. Filename and fileversion are both taken from the actual name of the file, made by turning the last "-" character into a ":" - this usually means the typical "modid-1.15.2-1.0.jar" file becomes "blank:modid-1.15.2:1.0".


    This creates a maven coordinate, which ForgeGradle uses to find the file.

    It will likely not work without this.

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  2. Because we haven't updated the mdk yet.


    Once MMMS lands, you can use that. It will export periodically automatically.

    We may implement a system in ForgeGradle that tries to pull down new mappings every refresh, so that you don't have to worry about manually updating.

    We'll see how it turns out.


    For now, keep an eye on our Discord server.

  3. You're misunderstanding the system. MCP itself is dead, we took the mappings and tweaked the format to make MCPConfig, which provides Forge's SRG->MCP names.

    mcpbot's purpose was to allow users to contribute to these MCPConfig mappings.

    Unfortunately, mcpbot is unmaintained, and with the huge amounts of technical debt acquired, plus the maintainer/creator going dark for a while, we're making a new system to replace it.


    That's what the Mod Mapping Management System is. It replaces mcpbot, which was designed to allow you to contribute to MCPConfig mappings.


    The 20200723 release is official. It is recommended. It is not from mcpbot, it was made manually, by a Forge team member.


    Hopefully this clears up some of your misconceptions of the system :)

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  4. On 7/4/2020 at 9:41 AM, Maxi07 said:

    But now, the newest mappings are from mcpbot, right? And when mcpbot has 1.16 mappings I should prefer them, if I want newer mappings, right?

    MCPBot will not be getting 1.16 mappings. We are moving to a new system. Like I said. 

  5. Unfortunately we can't help without the crash log information.

    What we have now, is like going to the doctor and saying "Doc, it hurts."


    You should have a latest.log and a debug.log file in the %APPDATA%/.minecraft/logs folder.

    Upload them to a paste site like pastebin.com, and send us the link it creates.

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