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  1. See the banner labelled "Java 16 and you: how to avoid crashes" for information on how to avoid crashes when using Java 16.
  2. We determined this was due to the files not existing. When a file does not exist, the values contained within also do not exist, and are therefore reported to us as null.
  3. Forge Version: 37.0.0 Minecraft Version: 1.17.1 Downloads: Changelog: Direct Installer: AdFocus Direct MDK: AdFocus Direct It's time! The first release of 1.17 is ready! Before you dive in, we have to address some things. We were planning to release this sooner, but real-life matters and the update to Java 16 meant we were waiting for other projects to conclude before we can release. It is not the fault of any one person or project, this delay was caused by a number of factors. However, enough waiting has occured, and we want to put this
  4. Immersive Portals is erroring. It's an extremely invasive mod that changes most of the game's rendering engine. So is Optifine. They're conflicting. Your best bet is to remove one of those two mods, or downgrade Optifine to G7.
  5. Ah, yes CurseForge removes the debug log creation. In that case, the latest log file is good enough.
  6. Okay, let's take this slowly. Exit Code 0 is game terms for "something went wrong". Without knowing exactly what caused the problem, there's no way anybody here can diagnose the issue. Luckily, the game makes a log of what's going on and the problems it encounters when loading. So, when you're looking at the mods folder, you need to go up one folder (into .minecraft) and then into the "logs" folder. There should be a whole bunch of files here with weird names, but I need the one called simply "debug", or on some computers, "debug.log". There are a bunch of files that e
  7. ... You think Forge is bad because it can't load a proprietary zip as a mod? That zip is an FTB modpack metadata. It contains no information about actual mods. There's literally nothing Forge can do with that file. It's impossible for everything except the FTB launcher (and maybe MultiMC) to do anything with it... You can like, open the zip. It contains a list of the mods you need to download. In text format.
  8. No need. Tekkit is for 1.6. Update to a modern version of the game to receive support.
  9. The Spawn Packet must be made with the static function in NetworkHooks, do not use the vanilla packet. That should solve the problem.
  10. The same file also defines: #ipsLayout_footer p{font-size:14px;text-decoration:none;color:#353c41;} which leads to this niceness: I didn't even realise there was text there until i wanted to change the theme to light...
  11. Update. The culprit CSS is coming from Invision's IPS2 _framework.css. It defines: .ipsWidget_inner{color:#575757;} An override in https://github.com/MinecraftForge/Web/blob/master/sass/_forums.scss should do the trick. Time to investigate!
  12. The game created a log file that says what went wrong. It's in %APPDATA%/.minecraft/logs if you're on Windows. Attach the file named debug.log (if there are multiple, attach the one created most recently), so we can see what the actual problem is.
  13. I've reported the issue to them. https://github.com/qouteall/ImmersivePortalsModForForge/issues/177#issuecomment-718095610
  14. It sounds like you have spawn area protection enabled. Have you OPed yourself?
  15. Uhhh... that's a weird package name. It's Immersive Portals, not "Hiding In The Bushes"
  16. First off, you have the MixinBootstrap mod. Remove it, as Forge now packages Mixin natively, and that mod will just cause problems. Second, hiding_in_the_bushes is broken.
  17. You don't have to uninstall Java 15. Once Java 14 is installed, it will take over, and the Java 15 install will be effectively dead. You can go into the folder where it is installed and manually delete the files if you desire
  18. Can you try updating to the latest Forge? You're running 34.1.0, we're currently on 34.1.33.
  19. A PR was just opened that should fix this: https://github.com/MinecraftForge/MinecraftForge/pull/7446 Keep an eye on that, and we'll let you know when the fix is pulled. Thanks to 7
  20. This function is not renamed in the default 0514 mappings, but exists in 0723 and onwards. You need to update your mappings. To do so: Join the Forge Discord server: https://discord.gg/UvedJ9m Right click the forge-bot#9014 user, and click Message Send the command !mcpv to it It will respond something like this: To update your mappings, enter the build.gradle file of your mod, find the line starting "mappings channel" and replace it with the one the bot gives you. You will need to start a reimport of the Gradle project, Eclipse and I
  21. Apologies, i meant UTF-8 BE, the default encoding of most modern text editors. There are well known problems in the standard Java libraries with reading / decoding these from a file on disk. You're right about all the rest though
  22. Try deleting the whole C:\Users\bbrin\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\config\ folder.
  23. It sounds like mc itself is null. This happens when you refer to the Minecraft.java class from within server-only code, as it does not exist on the server. Do you have a World reference with which to check world.isRemote, to ensure that you are on a client and mc is a valid class?
  24. That repository breaks several copyright and EULA laws and has been reported numerous times. Github's inaction does not make it okay.
  25. Note the Minecraft End-User License Agreement: That link breaks the Minecraft EULA/TOS, and is most likely very illegal. Do not recommend this in the future, or there will be worse repercussions. The actual fix for this problem would likely be to change the encoding of the language json file. UTF-8 BLE does not encode these characters well, but the game is equipped to handle more sophisticated encodings. UTF-16 should work.
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