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  1. Thankyou diesieben07 Turns out I forgot how I was running setup.py directly rather then running it through fml/python/python_fml.exe
  2. Well to be more precise its not infinite, but you can put a lot of similar blocks into one id. Your extended meta is an integer this provides a very large meta range (-2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647) as most will never need that many you can reduce the save size by switching to short (-32,768 to 32,767) or a byte (-128 to 127) and if used in combination with the normal base meta you can times that by 16 You will run into a few limitations though Not all functions are location aware. In most cases they are at least meta aware, but sometimes they are not (this is rare though) So best to keep similar blocks in one id and very similar ones in the same base meta Damage value of the item is limited to an integer (I think positive only too) So you can not have each extended meta have it own item, but you could have a stair like object using 8 extended metas and uses 1 item damage value.
  3. Caused by: java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: rock at minecraftmod.TitaniumBlock.<init>(TitaniumBlock.java:18) You need to look at line 18 of TitaniumBlock.java
  4. Pulled this from my code, use/edit freely /** * If [4] is -1 , there was no block within reach. * @return [0]= BlockId, [1]= BlockX, [2]= BlockY, [3]= BlockZ, [4]= SideHit, [5]= BlockMeta */ public static int[] getBlockInfront(World theWorld, EntityPlayer thePlayer, double reach) { int[] blockInfo = { 0, 0, 0, 0, -1, 0 }; MovingObjectPosition movingobjectposition = getMovingObjectPositionFromPlayer(theWorld, thePlayer, true, reach); if (movingobjectposition != null) { if (movingobjectposition.typeOfHit == EnumMovingObjectType.TILE) { blockInfo[1] = movingobjectposition.blockX; blockInfo[2] = movingobjectposition.blockY; blockInfo[3] = movingobjectposition.blockZ; blockInfo[4] = movingobjectposition.sideHit; blockInfo[5] = theWorld.getBlockMetadata(blockInfo[1], blockInfo[2], blockInfo[3]); blockInfo[0] = theWorld.getBlockId(blockInfo[1], blockInfo[2], blockInfo[3]); } } return blockInfo; } private static MovingObjectPosition getMovingObjectPositionFromPlayer(World world, EntityPlayer entityplayer, boolean flag, double reach) { float f = 1.0F; float playerPitch = entityplayer.prevRotationPitch + (entityplayer.rotationPitch - entityplayer.prevRotationPitch) * f; float playerYaw = entityplayer.prevRotationYaw + (entityplayer.rotationYaw - entityplayer.prevRotationYaw) * f; double playerPosX = entityplayer.prevPosX + (entityplayer.posX - entityplayer.prevPosX) * f; double playerPosY = (entityplayer.prevPosY + (entityplayer.posY - entityplayer.prevPosY) * f + 1.6200000000000001D) - entityplayer.yOffset; double playerPosZ = entityplayer.prevPosZ + (entityplayer.posZ - entityplayer.prevPosZ) * f; Vec3 vecPlayer = Vec3.createVectorHelper(playerPosX, playerPosY, playerPosZ); float cosYaw = MathHelper.cos(-playerYaw * 0.01745329F - 3.141593F); float sinYaw = MathHelper.sin(-playerYaw * 0.01745329F - 3.141593F); float cosPitch = -MathHelper.cos(-playerPitch * 0.01745329F); float sinPitch = MathHelper.sin(-playerPitch * 0.01745329F); float pointX = sinYaw * cosPitch; float pointY = sinPitch; float pointZ = cosYaw * cosPitch; Vec3 vecPoint = vecPlayer.addVector(pointX * reach, pointY * reach, pointZ * reach); MovingObjectPosition movingobjectposition = world.rayTraceBlocks_do_do(vecPlayer, vecPoint, flag, !flag); return movingobjectposition; }
  5. Ok I threw a bunch of files together and put it up on github. Its not a working mod, and far from complete but I think it provides the needed info to create a tile entity that extends metadata. https://github.com/ShetiPhian/ExtendedMeta
  6. Figured this should be cleaned up just in case someone needs the info KeeganDeathman was using: public boolean onBlockActivated(World par1World, int par2, int par3, int par4, EntityPlayer par5player) While this use to work the parameters have changed in 1.6 and is now viewed as a new method in KeeganDeathman's code, one which Minecraft never calls. As diesieben07 pointed out, every time you override an existing method mark it with @Override . With an @Override Elicpse will inform you the old method doesn't exist, this is a big hint to you to find the replacement and fix your code. in this case onBlockActivated changed from onBlockActivated(World, int, int, int, EntityPlayer) to onBlockActivated(World, int, int, int, EntityPlayer, int, float, float, float)
  7. @Override public void getSubBlocks(int id, CreativeTabs tab, List list) { list.add(new ItemStack(this, 1, 0)); list.add(new ItemStack(this, 1, 4)); list.add(new ItemStack(this, 1, ); list.add(new ItemStack(this, 1, 12)); } You already have a tile entity, you can do everything without touching meta. you could store the rotation in the tileentity and use the metas for 16 atms (limits you to 16 atms) or put the atm in the tile entity and use meta 0-3 for rotation (limit is based on variable type, go ahead an fill an int ) or put both type and rotation in the tile freeing up the meta for other stuff. RedPower has its microblocks in one id due to heave tileentity usage.
  8. add setHasSubtypes(true); under super(par1);
  9. That would work for any forge added files, but it wont generate the needed patch files for altered Minecraft classes. Unfortunately I don't seem to be able to setup an environment also. Not sure if things are not yet set up, things have changed, I'm just having bad luck, or just out right forgot how I was sure it was as simple as - download forge from github (MinecraftForge-master.zip) - extract to a folder - download fml from github (FML-master.zip) - put files in /forge/fml/ - run /forge/setup.py but that isn't providing the usual results /forge/mcp/src_base doesn't exist, nor does /forge/mcp/src_work and /forge/eclipse-workspace-dev.zip is never extracted to /forge/eclipse I thought about manually setting it up but ran into a snag while src_work is easy, its the same we use to create mods src_base is another thing, its a decompile with merged client and server, fml patches, but no forge patches. update_patches.py compares src_work and src_base, if you set up the folders wrong the patch files will be an unusable mess.
  10. Give this a go. @Override public void onBlockPlacedBy(World world, int x, int y, int z, EntityLivingBase entityliving, ItemStack itemStack) { int blockSet = world.getBlockMetadata(x, y, z) / 4; int direction = MathHelper.floor_double((entityliving.rotationYaw * 4F) / 360F + 0.5D) & 3; int newMeta = (blockSet * 4) + direction; world.setBlockMetadataWithNotify(x, y, z, newMeta, 0); } @Override public void renderTileEntityAt(TileEntity te, double x, double y, double z, float scale) { int rotation = 180; switch(te.getBlockMetadata() % 4) { case 0: rotation = 0; break; case 3: rotation = 90; break; case 2: rotation = 180; break; case 1: rotation = 270; break; } String texture = "textures/entities/atm.png"; switch(te.getBlockMetadata() / 4) { case 0: texture = "blockset1"; break; case 1: texture = "blockset2"; break; case 2: texture = "blockset3"; break; case 3: texture = "blockset4"; break; } Minecraft.getMinecraft().renderEngine.func_110577_a(new ResourceLocation("flenixcities", texture)); // rest of your renderer }
  11. Are you after a setup like this? meta 0 = block 1 north meta 1 = block 1 south meta 2 = block 1 east meta 3 = block 1 west meta 4 = block 2 north meta 5 = block 2 south meta 6 = block 2 east meta 7 = block 2 west meta 8 = block 3 north meta 9 = block 3 south meta 10 = block 3 east meta 11 = block 3 west meta 12 = block 4 north meta 13 = block 4 south meta 14 = block 4 east meta 15 = block 4 west
  12. This is why its bugging me so much that its not working for you. I have it running.
  13. nope only in the main class can you show me all your code, if you don't want it public link it to me in a message
  14. public class RenderWhateverTile extends TileEntitySpecialRenderer { ModelWhatever model = new ModelWhatever(); @Override public void renderTileEntityAt(TileEntity tileEntity, double x, double y, double z, float partialTick) { if (!(tileEntity instanceof WhateverTileEntity)) { return; } WhateverTileEntity tile = (WhateverTileEntity)tileEntity; // your rendering stuff here } } in your client proxy ClientRegistry.bindTileEntitySpecialRenderer(WhateverTileEntity.class, new RenderWhateverTile());
  15. models and rendering is client only those classes are fine with net.minecraft.client imports because a server will not load them. the model is called from the renderer and the renderer is called by the renderhandler and thats only called on the client.
  16. I never noticed the rotation being off on mine because I recoded my tileentity and needed to adjust my renderer. you'll need to play with your rotation values
  17. I'm not getting the error you had, I did make a few adjustments though. - Undid your changes to ItemEatWeirdly & ItemEatWeirdlySeed - changed your package from Brenden to brenden.eatweirdly (it should be all lowercase and include your modname, you mods would use brenden.modname) - removed the space from your modId - added an instance variable - removed the unfinished items I'll pastebin the classes to shorten this post: Potionitems: http://pastebin.com/30KekFJw ItemEatWeirdly: http://pastebin.com/ugV9J0xF ItemEatWeirdlySeed: http://pastebin.com/maeu0qKs Either copy the "RAW Paste Data" or download and rename them Now for adding new items: I grabbed this from the Item.class since it is an item you wanted to use I'll use it as an example public static Item ghastTear = (new Item(114)).setUnlocalizedName("ghastTear").setPotionEffect(PotionHelper.ghastTearEffect).setCreativeTab(CreativeTabs.tabBrewing).func_111206_d("ghast_tear"); we'll start with the id replaceId = Item.ghastTear.itemID; now because we are replacing the original you need to overwrite it in the item list with your item so your line will start with: Item.itemsList[replaceId] = in this case the item is not a seed so you create a new ItemEatWeirdly you'll need to give it the replaceId-256 (subtract 256 because it gets added automaticly and your id would be different if you didn't) the value of the food (how much hunger it refills), in this case 1 because thats what you picked the food saturation (how long before you become hungry again), in this case 0.3F will a wolf will eat the food, in this case true the text you want to appear in the tooltip (each quote is a new line), "line1", "line2" will give two lines lest put that together new ItemEatWeirdly(replaceId - 256, 1, 0.3F, true, "line1", "line2") you could stop there, but there would be no texture or name, no effect when eaten and cant be used in potion brewing. the name string is from .setUnlocalizedName("ghastTear") and the texture string is from .func_111206_d("ghast_tear") so your setNameAndIcon would look like .setNameAndIcon("ghastTear", "ghast_tear") setBrewEffect is a renamed setPotionEffect(String) so just copy the infromation over .setBrewEffect(PotionHelper.ghastTearEffect) setEatEffect is the effect eating the item has on the player, in this case you picked regeneration .setEatEffect(Potion.regeneration.id, 6, 0, 1.0F); lets put all of that togeter replaceId = Item.ghastTear.itemID; Item.itemsList[replaceId] = new ItemEatWeirdly(replaceId - 256, 1, 0.3F, true, "line1", "line2").setNameAndIcon("ghastTear", "ghast_tear").setBrewEffect(PotionHelper.ghastTearEffect).setEatEffect(Potion.regeneration.id, 6, 0, 1.0F); By default the items appear on the brewing tab, to change this just add .setCreativeTab() with the tab you want inside. setBrewEffect and setEatEffect can be left off if you dont need them.
  18. Let me drop everything into my eclipse, As a side note you'll need to change these to the new format too. Item.speckledMelon Item.sugar Item.magmaCream Item.slimeBall Item.lightStoneDust Item.ghastTear Item.goldenCarrot Item.fermentedSpiderEye Item.gunpowder
  19. I need to see the rest That line currently grabs the item with the id of the value of replaceId but does nothing else.
  20. diesieben07 is correct @SideOnly should only be used if the original method has it, everything else needs to go through your proxy. poonkje112 on your mod files that are not client only look at your imports, delete any that start "net.minecraft.client" anything that errors needs to go through your proxy. This should help http://www.minecraftforge.net/wiki/Basic_Modding#Proxy_Classes
  21. You don't need to but if you do anyway, ShetiPhian is what most know me as.
  22. Try this: new ResourceLocation("flenixcities", "textures/entities/atm.png") Out of the three things we have different I believe its your problem. Other things: Minecraft.getMinecraft() FMLClientHandler.instance().getClient(); .renderEngine .func_110434_K()
  23. But blocks should be registered in preInt Mod.EventHandler Javadoc [Reformatted for forums] The old bug prevented you from registering them anywhere else by not loading the textures at all if you did. This bug however is nothing but log spam. Textures are found, loaded, and used But the logs report them missing. You can ignore it as its wrong but hopefully its fixed when 1.6 builds become recommended. I am on 771 and the changelog for 773 might be referring to what is causing this. EDIT: nope 773 wasn't referring to this as it still exists in build 775 still around in 776, I wonder if it has anything to do with [WARNING] <modname> is missing a pack.mcmeta file, things may not work well
  24. You forgot the @ line before preInit @EventHandler // this is for 1.6 if your on 1.5 use @PreInit public void preInit(FMLPreInitializationEvent event) Also don't need the private void func_111206_d(String icon) {} in the new classes. What I meant was you can get the texture name by looking at Items.class at the end of each line when the items are registered you'll see .func_111206_d(" something here "); The " something here " is the string you need
  25. I'm getting that too, but since everything is working in game I'm ignoring it for now
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