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  1. I setup a basic animated block using vanilla models(not obj or b3d). It's a lever that looks like a repeater and slides to the other side when you click it. The code to setup the animation for the block seems fairly straight forward. I commented notes into the code; which could have wrong info, so don't take it as gospel. The json files are still a bit of a mystery to me. I get parts of them, but I still have a bit to figure out. I'll try to write up some proper documentation on them once I learn their ins and outs a bit more. Here's the github if you want to check it out and toy around.
  2. Was talking to the OP. Should have quoted him I guess.
  3. Have you used animation state machines before? Is this the grammer definition you mentioned? grammar.js -> engine.json
  4. markDirty has the exact same call usages as in 1.6.4. The only thing that has changed besides the name, is the comment; which isn't anything to go by.
  5. player.addChatComponentMessage(new ChatComponentTranslation("blah.random.comment"));
  6. At the end of update entity, you are ninja editing an itemstack. You probably need a call onInventoryChanged/markDirty to have those edits sync.
  7. try adding a call to world.markBlockForUpdate when your state changes and you want to sync. If your state changes in a gui/container, onContainerClosed is a good spot.
  8. There is no TileEntity for the Workbench. All the magic happens in ContainerWorkbench.
  9. I think what you are looking for is IExtendedEntityProperties. This post over at minecraft forums has a quick run down of how to use it. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1952901-eventhandler-and-iextendedentityproperties/#entry24051513
  10. Would that actually work in LivingUpdateEvent? There is a lot of stuff that is updated between when your code runs and when the xpOrbs do their thing in onCollideWithPlayer. Depending on what is updated there might be a difference in what orbs you collide with and what orbs are actually picked up. If you are targeting 1.7.2, I'd add a hook to onCollideWithPlayer that fires an XpOrbPickedUpEvent. If you get it pulled now, it'll be in when the recommended build is set. That way you'll be all set going forward, not to mention any other mods that may want to mess with xpOrb pickups.
  11. I came across that last night. It does fix the gui problems I was having.
  12. Personally, I'm just waiting till forge pulls in the commit. I don't expect it to be more than a couple days. I know my gui code is correct. In the mean time I just did a mock that has it's inventory filled with random items so I can test things without having to open the gui.
  13. If you feel like you've implemented everything properly and you are still getting sync issues, it may have to do with a FML bug that should be fixed in this commit https://github.com/MinecraftForge/FML/commit/80b00dc7966d96111e2ce8643db8e0f544c2bc89
  14. Run the forge setup on each pc. Forge caches the minecraft and forge libs in ~/.gradle. That's outside your git repo and not being synced to bitbucket. You also may want to add all the forge files to your .gitignore file. You probably don't want to commit all of that stuff and clogg up your repo. All you really care about is your mod files in src/
  15. EntityXPOrb is not an EntityItem. I don't think there is an event that get fired off when you interact with xp orbs. See "onCollideWithPlayer" in both EntityXPOrb and EntityItem and you can see where that event is getting sent from, and the lack of any event in EntityXPOrb.
  16. Working on some gui stuff and I am having client server sync issues. Slot contents are getting set properly client side, but stay null server side. This used to work automagically in 1.6.4. Is this something we have to handle our selves now?
  17. I am guessing the accessToken arg is missing(the caused by part of the error message). Add this to the you program args. --accessToken=FML here is my full arg list I got from genIntellijRuns --version 1.6 --tweakClass cpw.mods.fml.common.launcher.FMLTweaker --username=Player1234 --accessToken=FML
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