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  1. You appear to have the same file in the directory twice. I have no idea how... Delete all the reis from your mods folder and try again..
  2. The full difference set is logged in the forgemodloader log file. It will tell you who owns every item and who it believes conflicts.. Also, update forge to a recent version.
  3. Files should be back now. 471 is at least 2 weeks old. Get a *much* more recent version..
  4. Remove optifine try again, or update optifine..
  5. Not going to happen sorry. I don't have the time. Pull requests are invited, but be bloody careful - this stuff is very easy to FUBAR hard.
  6. Update forge. That's positively ancient, dating from at least last week.
  7. Not going to happen. JRebel is a custom classloader wrapped around the code it's running, and unfortunately, for FML and Forge to function, we need to break free of the core classloader framework so we can inject mods and libraries. So we'll pretty much 100% conflict with what JRebel is trying to do. I'm not about to rewrite FML either. Sorry about that.
  8. Please include a log file. "latest forge" is incredibly vague when 2-3 come out a day. Also, explain what the error is exactly? That just looks like a laggy world renderer.
  9. Make sure you have the lib bcprov-jdk15on-147.jar in your libs/ folder...
  10. McL: how can we help you? I've never seen this lag you're talking about or I would have fixed it. No one with a development environment has seen this lag you're talking about, or they would have produced a good bug report. I have seen lag, but it's attributable to other things: bad graphics card is the current suspect on my laptop, for example. Do as luacs1998 suggests, please. Make a world, load it in vanilla, show us your "no lag" situation. Then load the same world with forge, and show us your "lag situation". Use appropriate media to demonstrate, and include log files for the forge version. Finally, "Lag" is very vague. What do you mean? My laptop: 60fps to 1fps. THAT'S lag. That's the GFX card derping hard.
  11. You're connecting to a server with a different version of forge. Update your forge. you have a very old version.
  12. I would look at it. If I could understand a single character on the mod page... Please supply a mod download URL, also an English description of what the mod is *supposed* to do...
  13. There is a subtle change here- there are two variants of the same method now. I have split them in #472, because they shouldn't be together. Hopefully, with an update, the enchantments will work properly.
  14. Remove optifine and try again. He has bugs.
  15. Or use the forge version: http://bwg3.ted80.net/ ?
  16. cpw

    Guava 13

    Not really. Bukkit is stuck on 10 because they used deprecated api ... 13 will be part of 1.5 update..
  17. Indeed. Looking at the logs its clear that the myst craft blocks are initializing in a different order on the client and server.. Though I don't see this issue either...
  18. Thanks. File an issue at github please and I'll remember to fix it..
  19. Heh, I suck at directions. Always have. Please submit a PR
  20. FML modifies a couple of vanilla packet structures. To verify that the server is FML we send an unsolicited login packet that the server has to ack. You won't be able to emulate this in bukkit without changing the net server handler. Sorry.
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