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  1. Get rid of the (1) in the name of the forge jar..
  2. This is a vanilla bug. We've been playing whackamole with them for some time.. gotta catch 'em all..
  3. Heh, that's a result original. But NPE shouldn't happen with the code you quoted..
  4. This problem only occurs when trying to run a ModLoader mod in a dedicated server context. Hence why it is very rarely seen. It is fixed, but to be honest, ModLoader mods don't fit very well with a dedicated server context and I recommend switching to a mod design that is...
  5. No, mineshafter is incompatible with FML/Forge. Tough. Sadly, because I don't support pirating what is an excellently cheap game, I'm not going to go out of my way to help them "fix" it either. If they figure it out for themselves, then whatever.
  6. The entityplayermp is in the server. The entityclientplayermp is in the client. The client embeds an integrated server to simulate the world. Use a packet to tell the server when you key triggers. Then, as if by magic, your mod will work for SSP, LAN and dedicated server.Don't be a fuckwit and try and directly get the server player from a client side keyhandler..
  7. Update your client... it should have been rejected by the server actually...
  8. Keybounce, the best way I know of, is to wait for Eloraam to do her magic and then install redpower and wonder why you ever tried playing with vanilla redstone
  9. Interesting that openjdk seems to be missing this stuff. That's very frustrating. I'll see if I can make a patch that works even without it, but it looks like it cannot even classload some of the graphical components, which is frankly ridiculous. *sigh*.
  10. I need the *complete* log for that error graymayne. There should be something else there. This problem is practically impossible to reproduce, and others have tested and verified it works in practically identical environments. Most likely you are missing a key java component on your server.
  11. You have an incorrect FML version. There is nothing that can be null in that method now, and that line doesn't even *exist* in the code... Update!
  12. No, it becomes too hard to try and figure which init belongs where then. Use a delegate or so.e delegates. You get your loaded file at the pre init event as well as all the annotations it can find. I'm sure you could make a plugin system out of that
  13. FML has one for ml compact. Check a recent fml
  14. turtle: start from a clean MCP workspace, with just client and server jars. Add in the latest forge source drop and decompile. Then, figure out what you want to actually do. You should, really, write this stuff as a mod- most likely it's quite possible to make your changes through a mod rather than editing base classes. I suggest reading a few tutorials on how to make a mod. If you want to be modloader compatible, use a basemod. If not, use an @Mod (they're much easier in my opinion).
  15. Yes, this was missing chat handling. An utterly ridiculous, but probably one of the few viable non-FML/ML, ways of doing s->c comms. Thanks for the bug report. @Keybounce I want bug reports, not elaborate scripting environments. I want "mod x doesn't work with FML U.V.W" not "here's a thousand line essay on why you're a bad person because my ancient ways are going to have to change by a few lines." Links to broken mods, with client or server log files are good. Overelaborate criticisms that seem to go nowhere are bad. Here's how it could have gone down: '"SuperiorEnchanting is failing to establish client server comms". It has a non-modloader server side <here> that looks like it's complaining (error message here). No stack traces, it just can't "find" itself.' Instead of all that above.
  16. Update FML. This was recently changed so random libs in the mods dir will be loaded into the classpath. Ugly though. You should package sqlite as a coremod and then everyone can use it and depend on it properly. Mostly it would just be adding a meta-inf and a simple mod container.
  17. Yes, but to fix it he adds the "modId" in the @Instance reference. It'll work everywhere then.
  18. He needs to fix his @Instance code to refer to modid: @Instance("ModId")
  19. FYI, that should be in forge now, so enjoy!
  20. OK I know why. javax is considered a privileged package and so FML refuses to load that from a mod zip... hmmmm
  21. They are working for me with FML build 356. With regard to forge, they may not be compatible with the additional base edits forge makes, though I don't see why that would be the case. I tested all CJB mods except xray and the PlayerAPI dependent mod. Note: you need to force CJB_MAIN to load first: add a 0 (zero) in front of it, and it'll work.
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