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  1. I would suggest using the preinit event method. It will *always* be right and canonical too.. the desktop thing is likely a bad launcher not injecting a folder path correctly...
  2. I would tend to agree with lex. You get given your zip distributable as a file in preinit event so if you want to open it up and deploy it somewhere and then do stuff, do it there. I don't want to add random paths. Mcpatcher is already annoying in that respect...
  3. Also, optifine is generally forge compatible. Just make sure to install optifine last..
  4. The problem is, that's far too late. Other mods may well have done something depending on your existence.. What is the problem you're trying to actually solve by doing this? Turning yourself off is unlikely to help...
  5. Thanks! fixed in latest FML. will be in forge shortly.
  6. Log file please.. ForgeModLoader-client-0.log... You probably failed to extract the libs directory...
  7. OK, fixed essentials. Allocator works - you can install it which ever way you prefer but remember that the distributable is not immediately deployable in mods/
  8. You appear not to be able to connect to the internet to download the required FML libraries. get them here: files.minecraftforge.net/fmllibs/fml_libs.zip, and extract to the "libs" directory...
  9. Please. I require testmods in absence of ML docs to resolve incompatibility issues. It looks like this was overlooked.
  10. Swap the call order around: register the global entity first. Just like the exception says to do.
  11. Fmlcommonhanlder.get environment side is a guess as to the side in an integrated server. Random files are no longer added to the class path. You can get stuff straight from your mod zip: I give you a file in pre unit that is your mod zip..
  12. You only have a client side packet handler. In a dedicated server, it will never get called. Also update forge for proper behaviour of these..
  13. Thanks for that. I'll get that working now...
  14. Can you share your @network mod annotation please?
  15. Update forge. it's a known bug with the earlier versions.
  16. The forgemodloader-client-0.log file will tell you what it does and doesn't find in the mods dir. EVERYTHING is there.
  17. You appear to be registering for ModLoader.setInGameHook in the constructor of your mod somehow. I would suggest not doing that. Maybe use "load" instead.
  18. https://github.com/cpw/FML/wiki/FML-mod-information-file for all the information about mcmod.info.
  19. Can you share your script for linking the directories up. I use a similar system and haven't seen this problem..
  20. lasero, what is going on here? You have the minecraft jar duplicated on your classpath somehow and that is causing your issue. The question is, why do you have minecraft.jar on the classpath twice? What launcher are you using that is doing that? I would suggest fixing the launcher... Also, LCTrees is broken with recent forge. It won't work until the author updates the mod...
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