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  1. I have it set to spawn in the nether, which it looks like it tries to do, because when I go to the nether, I get this error repeatedly until I leave or close the game: And this when I try using the spawn egg to spawn it: The custom pig class: And this code is in the modbase for it:
  2. I've done more testing, and it is a Forge bug, issue report is here: https://github.com/MinecraftForge/MinecraftForge/issues/1253
  3. Dependents work just like dependencies, but they load after instead of before. Seeing as I have all of the others set with fireplacecore as a dependency and required mod, listing them as dependents isn't really necessary, but I included that for completeness. And they are considered soft dependents, similar to how dependencies are soft dependencies, so they don't have to be there. Source: https://github.com/MinecraftForge/FML/wiki/FML-mod-information-file. Note: That code shouldn't affect anything anyways, if the source is correct, because the mcmod.info fields "dependants", "dependencies
  4. My mcmod.info: Removed, the issue was determined to be a forge bug
  5. I know you followed the tutorial, but I have to ask... If your mcmod.info set up correctly? If it isn't, fix it. If it is, then please show your code.
  6. Crash Report(I seriously don't see any relation between this and my mod, but it only occurs when it is present): And the files in my mod:
  7. I am making a mod that adds a custom WorldType to the game. The only problem is that in the WorldType class, addNewBiome(BiomeGenBase biome) and removeBiome(BiomeGenBase biome) have been noted out. How do I add and remove biomes now?
  8. I set up a Gui Config for my mod, but when I click the button for it, it does nothing, and the console gives me the following error: And now for my code... Mod Base File: And my GuiFactory File: and my ConfigGui file:
  9. @Toastrackenigma: .setLightLevel(float) should work. I checked in Block.java, and Glowstone's is .setLightLevel(1.0F).
  10. I am making a class implementing IExtendedEntityProperties for Cows, and want to know how to check when a cow moves on the x or z axis(I am going to make a step counter for them).
  11. In the recipe, caveFungus needs to be an ItemStack.
  12. Is it possible to have multiple achievements as prerequisites to one achievement? And if so, could it be set up so it only needs you to have one or the other?
  13. Not Copy/Paste, I wanted it to have that as a prerequisite, bur I just realized they would have to have gotten iron anyways to get material to make the microchip.
  14. Only reason I said may or may not is because some methods automatically override, without @Override
  15. public boolean onBlockAcitvated(World world, int x, int y, int z, EntityPlayer player, int side, float hitX, float hitY, float hitZ){ if(!world.isRemote){ FMLNetworkHandler.openGui(player, MoreMetalsMod.instance, MoreMetalsMod.guiIDRefueler, world, x, y, z); } return true; } It says onBlockAcitvated, not onBlockActivated. And, once changing it, you may or may not need to add @Override.
  16. My custom Paxel causes a crash if I use it in Survival Mode. Here is the code in ItemPaxel: And the code for one of the Paxels: And the Crash Report:
  17. It looks like something on Forge's end was fixed, It is working for me now, after re-deleting my .gradle folder
  18. The Minecraft Forum doesn't seem like the right place to have posted that to me, seeing as it appears to be a Forge issue.
  19. I deleted my %USERNAME%/.gradle folder before trying to set up the workspace, then ran gradlew.bat setupDecompWorkspace Here is the gradle.log with --info: And one with --debug in case it is needed:
  20. My custom achievements are not showing on the custom Achievement Page. Here's my code:
  21. How would I add a localization when they are being added to the creative tab? Also, just a thought here, could it be that the localization needs to be for the itemblock rather than the block itself?
  22. When viewed in-game, they show as 'tile.MultiBlock_UN.name'. Here is the code for my Block: And the code for my ItemBlock: And the code for registering the names in the Language Registry:
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