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  1. Ok, so I'm working on armor that can detect players within a variable radius(which is set earlier in the void), then interacting with them. Here is my code for it: Upon equipping a piece of the armor, it crashes, and the report points me to the following line of code: List players = world.getEntitiesWithinAABB(EntityPlayer.class, player.getBoundingBox().expand(expansionLevel, expansionLevel, expansionLevel)); How do I fix this?
  2. I'm not entirely sure either, but perhaps this could have some of the code you need... https://github.com/BrainStone/brainstone/blob/master/main/java/brainstonemod/common/block/BlockBrainLightSensor.java
  3. Ok, tried that, and it now sets to false as it is supposed to, and upon reloading the game, it remains false. I have run in to another problem, however. When I set it to true again in the Config GUI, it doesn't run the code again. I set up a System.out.println("[ModCompat] Code Activated"); in the onConfigChanged code, as shown below, and it doesn't activate after setting the config in the Config GUI. EDIT: Initial problem is fixed, creating a new thread for the new problem
  4. Ok, so currently, it now switches firstrun to false, like it is supposed to, but it goes back to being true when I quit Minecraft and start it again. Here is the code:
  5. Ok, I've re-coded it as you said, now what do I do in syncConfig() to make this work?(It now seems to do the same thing as before) Here is the new code:
  6. So my config option FIRSTRUN is supposed to be set to false the first time running the game with the mod installed. However, when I open up the config gui, it still shows as true. If, while in the config gui, I set it to false, and I restart the game, it is true again. The output in the console shows up like it is supposed to. Here is my code:
  7. Same here. I thank you'd the wrong post, meaning to thank the one above it.
  8. Allow me to rephrase that... I have made the two classes, then gotten confused as to what the interface is supposed to do that diesieben07 said to add. The several tries were attempts to interact through the interface, which I later deleted. Sorry for the confusion.
  9. OK, I've tried several times, and still can't get it. Can someone provide a code example of this?
  10. In your Pre-Init, try using: ChestGenHooks.getInfo(ChestGenHooks.CHEST_TYPE_HERE).removeItem(ItemStackToRemove);
  11. Here's your problem: GameRegistry.registerWorldGenerator(withiumWorldGen, 1); 1 is the generation weight. The higher the number, the later it generates. Your ore is generating, then being overridden with other generation like stone. I haven't been able to find the vanilla generation weights, but I have found that setting it to 128 seems to work good.
  12. By looking at the report he gave, I'm assuming his mod is Simon's Ores. And yes, we need the full crash log.
  13. The material doesn't affect whether or not you can mine the block. What you are looking for is this code: this.setHarvestLevel("pickaxe", 3); It goes in the block's constructor.
  14. I made a fuel handler to add some of my items and blocks as fuels. However, only the first block on the list is registering. Here's my code: Let me know if you need any additional information.
  15. Did you activate the void in your Pre-Init?
  16. Sorry for the title, if it is unclear, and anything else in this post that is. Basically, I want to know how to set up a code that will allow me to add recipes in one mod using a class from the dependency that has an API to get items, blocks, and/or itemstacks from the soft-dependency. I did a search, the closest thing I could find was this: http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/index.php?topic=10515.0 Anyways, I have a class here that lets me add recipes here for another mod's recipe type(Extended Workbench Mod is the mod) If I am confusing right now, sorry. My setup here is basically [Othe
  17. Fyi, for the code tags, are you sure you have the tag right?(Have to ask) The start tag is [code] , and you know how tags work, you can figure out the end tag.
  18. So, I have a code here that should replace cactus with my custom cactus when you right click holding the item: I have it in the Item's class, however, when I hold the item and right click a cactus, it doesn't get replaced. Yes, I have tried without the code removed; problem solved section. It still doesn't do it. Anyone know how to make it work?
  19. They do not have ModLoader support as of 1.7. As for the fix to your problem, I am looking for that as well.
  20. The folder inside the assets folder also needs to be made lowercase. You obviously have little to no knowledge of what you are talking about. I had this almost exact same(not saying exact same due to LexManos's sarcastic comment last time I did) problem when I first started modding. And on my other post you were asking to see several of my files that weren't related in any way to the issue I was having.
  21. Wow, I'm an idiot... I don't see how adding attackDamage to an animal could affect anything, but apparently it did. I do have render classes and proxy classes. I didn't post them because I knew that wasn't the issue. Also, I was more concerned about getting it to spawn before working on the AI.
  22. Change your modid to all lowercase letters. On another note, inside your @Mod, I would recommend adding name="SwordCaster" . That field can have uppercase letters.
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