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  1. Alright, so I'm feeling kind of stupid here... I uh, can't figure out how to add my achievement to the Player once they've crafted my specified block. I'm pretty sure it's like really easy, but for some reason I can't seem to figure it out. So, how do I add my achievement to the Player once they've crafted my block? Thanks in advance ~Matthew
  2. Well, I know this thread has long since been abandoned, but I found a solution for myself at least. In my block class I simply added the code: @Override public boolean isFireSource(World world, int x, int y, int z, ForgeDirection side) { return true; } Pretty simple right?
  3. Thanks, but I'm just looking for a standard block. I already have it working so that it doesn't need any fuel
  4. I'm making a Netherrack Furnace, and would like to give the feature that would give it infinite fire! So just like regular netherrack, I would want it to be like if you lit the furnace on the top, then it would burn forever until you put it out. If you could come up with somewhere to point me, or some code, that would be great! ~Mattkx10 (AKA: Mattkx4 or Mattkx9) http://mattkx4.github.io/
  5. This fixed it for me. In my workspace however, there were multiple lwjgl jars so I had to change all of them to the correct path. Once I did so, everything was running fine!
  6. I found my answer After 2 days of searching I figured at that all I had to do was add the following IF statement to my getIcon method: if (p_149691_2_ == 0 && p_149691_1_ == 3) { return field_149936_O; }
  7. YES THANK YOU SOOO MUCH I've been looking for the answer to this forever! For those who are searching for an answer in 1.7 here it is: Add the following statement to your public IIcon getIcon() method: if (p_149691_2_ == 0 && p_149691_1_ == 3) { return field_149936_O; } Thank You
  8. Is anyone going to help me at this? This is a seriously major bug!
  9. Alright so the problem that I'm having is that when inside the player inventory my custom furnace won't render properly. Instead it will show the top texture instead of the front. I've searched for a while now, but haven't found anything! ANY help is appreciated! Thanks in Advance! SRC CODE Main Class File: IronOven Block Class: RenderIronOven Class:
  10. I know my problem (thanks to you but I don't know how to fix it. In the GUI Handler class, there is the switch statement. I now know that each furnace should have it's own individual id. Only problem I've run into is, I don't know where the GUI ID is that I need to change..... I f you could help that'd be awesome!
  11. Alright, allow me elaborate on my dilemma. I'm making a mod and two furnaces are being used in (more in the future). I successfully got the first to work (IronFurnace), but when I tried this morning to add the Gold Furnace, it crashed. I went through all the code and fixed a few things, corrected some Render ID Conflictions, but still came out with an in-game error. While in-game, I could successfully open and use the Gold Furnace. When I went to open the Iron Furnace it lagged, crashed and then posted error The Error is below: The code is in the spoilers below: Main Class File IRON FURNACE ContainerIronOven GuiHandlerIronOven GuiIronOven IronOven IronOvenRecipes RenderIronOven SlotIronOven TileEntityIronOven GOLD FURNACE ContainerGoldOven GoldOven GoldOvenRecipes GuiGoldOven GuiHandlerGoldOven RenderGoldOven SlotGoldOven TileEntityGoldOven There we go. All code (most) from my mod is pasted in this description I hope you can find the problem... I can't.. Thank you in advance!
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