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  1. I had to change my ways for 1.12. This works: Blocks Items I hope that helps. I'm glad to see you updating this!
  2. Try updating your mappings to snapshot_20170812 in build.gradle...
  3. Can't helps solve the problem without knowing the error you are getting....however, you are doing the token replacement twice... expand 'version':project.version, 'mcversion':project.minecraft.version
  4. It appears that your build environment does not include the guava libraries in the class path.
  5. Any official word on the status of this? There is no current download link to the latest recommended version of forge (#291) on this site.
  6. No problem! Looking forward to using this in a million different ways!
  7. It shouldn't work this way...but my mod Extrabiomes just went open source last night...the code there might help...specifically look at Wasteland and MountainRidge. The top and filler blocks are not set until later because they can be disabled by the user. https://github.com/ScottKillen/ExtrabiomesXL
  8. Glad it worked out. In my mods, there is no functionality whatsoever in in the mod_ classes. As to the SMP Multiverse...will DimensionManager.getWorld(id) work for you?
  9. It can delegate to another class, and the delegate can register the animations on the client and just be a dummy on the server.
  10. Kinniken... Why not move that out to another class that you can split?
  11. If a custom block returns true for IsBlockReplaceable(), it can never be replaced by vanilla blocks. The placed block, instead of replacing the custom block, is placed above or to the side of the block that is supposed to be replaceable, resulting in this. The problem is in ItemBlock (it is not aware of the isBlockReplaceable hook) I have posted a fix as Forge pull request #89 for both client and server.
  12. The poster can't, Lex, because there is no ported server for that version of forge yet...this is all so that client will be as same version as server.
  13. Don't know why Forge on title screen is important...logs show Forge is loaded and working.
  14. Can you post a crash log from that version of forge?
  15. nah...this is your first mention of ported server...and the logs you posted were not for the ported server...
  16. MC Patcher is not compatible with Forge. There are various posts about that around the forum if you are interested in the cause.
  17. The logs show that you successfully loaded both Forge and Mo'Creatures. Since your screenshot is invalid, we don't really know what ever you are reporting.
  18. What mods have you installed and exactly how did you install them?
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