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  1. Can you post the code for the block and the ModBlocks class cause i have it working
  2. I have a block helper for mine so where Blocks.stone is I have BlockHelper.forBlock(Blocks.stone) as it is a predicate that it is looking for in the last argument as for using your own block the getDefaultState fixes that
  3. In WorldGenMinable you need to change block in as it now only accepts an IBlockState and that should fix up everything. Hopefully
  4. should be minable.generate(world,random, new BlockPos(posX,posY,posZ)); as you need to wrap the coordinates in the new BlockPos as that function only accepts a BlockPos.
  5. Block container default render type is -1 while block is 3 so if you want to render it you need to override get render type and set it to 3
  6. GLStateManager is just Minecraft's fancy way of saying GL11 for Minecraft 1.8 and if you look at the source code for GLStateManager it is GL11 so just replace all the GLStateManager functions with the GL11 ones
  7. Yes you can, have a look at ironchests as it has updated to 1.8 and has its chests are rendering in the inventory
  8. Yes but itemstack looks for an item therefore you need to use Item.getItemFromBlock(yourBlock)
  9. It's the one above that it should have this(getNextID(), label)l in it
  10. Is diamond rail a block or an item item
  11. To your block class you need to add protected BlockState createBlockState() { return new BlockState(this, new IProperty[]{FACING}); } as you haven't told Minecraft that there actually is a blockstate for the block but you are using it anyway.
  12. First: For rendering you need to have a json would recommend looking in the vanilla assets for wheat as that has what you need for blockstates and models and such. Just follow that layout and you should get rendering working. Second: If your seeds are extending ItemSeeds your need to change what they can plant on as it has a property in onItemUse called canSustainPlant and crops default to farmland so hence your problem being unable to plant on grass to fix that you need to override onItemUse and change canSustainPlant to ==Blocks.grass or something like that Edit:Would also recommend a better naming sceme such as for CropsClass renaming it to BlockCropsBase And items beginning with Item so that it is easy for other modders looking at your code to understand, so basically just follow how Minecraft does it and other modders do it with how they name things
  13. Minecraft has in the EntityPlayer class methods for adding experience to player so all you would need to do is add player.addExperience where player is an instance of EntityPlayer. Or for levels it's player.addExperienceLevel A lot less complicated than spawning in entities
  14. The Vanilla Spawner in the code is called BlockMobSpawner for the block and TileEntityMobSpawner for the tile entity
  15. To fix the x-raying you need to add to your block class public boolean isFullCube() { return false; } public boolean isOpaqueCube() { return false; } don't remember which one does it but one of them does and it removes the x-ray of the block
  16. Thanks for the heads up about the 1.8 syntax had not known about that but it is best to have Minecraft automatically assign tab index so that it doesn't clash with other mods
  17. You don't need to have the creative tabs in the main mod file it's just that all you need to get a creative tab is public static final CreativeTabs TEST_TAB = new CreativeTabs(MOD_ID+"test") {//best to have mod id in name so that it is YOUR tab public Item getTabIconItem() { return item //returns item or block you want as the icon though for block you need to use Item.getItemFromBlock(block) } public String getTranslatedTabLabel() { return "test tab"; //name of the tab you want to display when hovering } } and you should have a creative tab and you don't need to extend CreativeTabs
  18. Does anyone know how to get fluids to render?
  19. Once again it is similar to what I posted previously but slightly different. You just need to change "CUTOUT" to "TRANSLUCENT" and that fixes it
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