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  1. Use sendMessage instead of sendChatMessage Also you don't need to use Minecraft.getMinecraft just use the player instance given to you
  2. You have 1.10.2 mods in the mods folder as well
  3. PR to fix this https://github.com/MinecraftForge/MinecraftForge/pull/3627
  4. You have set your registry name different to what your @ObjectHolder annotations are looking for. such as you have set the registry name to "tool_pickaxe_bone" but are looking for "tool_bone_pickaxe"
  5. @Mod.EventBusSubscriber accepts Side.CLIENT so you don't need the @SideOnly
  6. the problem is that you are not registering an item block for your blocks as registering a block doesn't register an item You Need as well as registering the block call ItemBlock youritemblcok = new ItemBlock(theblockyouwantanitemfor) .setRegisteryName(theblockyouwantanitemfor.getRegisteryName()); GameRegistery.register(youritemblock); Edit: probably shouldn't do this at 2am in the morning Edit2 another derp
  7. You are calling ModItems.registerRenderer in init, it needs to be called in preInit
  8. You don't need to extend StateMapperBase only implement IStateMapper
  9. Short answer no. There were too many breaking changes in 1.11 for it be be feasible for the jar compiled in 1.9.4 to work on 1.11. The 1.9.4 to 1.10.2 changes were small and didn't touch anything fundamentally so it was possible and forge special cased that mods would work between those versions. Forge decides which version a mod works on by saying that the version it is compiled against unless stated otherwise by the mod(or forge) that that mc version is the one that it works on.
  10. It's like that because it is a generic register not one specifically for blocks. So the same method is used for items,blocks,sounds,potions and enchantments.
  11. The new registry system does not automatically register an item for a block you have to manually register an itemblock for it.
  12. Json system changed slightly from 1.8 to 1.9 check out the item model named generated in the vanilla assets for all the rotations.
  13. if you change the parent from builtin/generated to item/generated you don't need any of the display json
  14. Its easier just to set the blocks parent to "blocks/block" and for items set the parent to "items/handheld"
  15. To the block class add @SideOnly(Side.CLIENT) public EnumWorldBlockLayer getBlockLayer() { return EnumWorldBlockLayer.CUTOUT; } should make it like the redstone wire
  16. Fluid Renderer wasn't added until build 1464, 1502 is just the last build before forge gradle 2.0
  17. If you look in BlockStainedGlass you will find this @SideOnly(Side.CLIENT) public EnumWorldBlockLayer getBlockLayer() { return EnumWorldBlockLayer.TRANSLUCENT; } while in Normal Glass TRANSLUCENT is instead CUTOUT. Add this to your block class and it should fix the problem you are having.
  18. change "items/iron_pickaxe" to "builtin/generated" for the parent
  19. can you show the item json for that block pls
  20. Question why are you handling the placing of the block in the itemblock? The easiest way to do this would just have the block extend BlockLog and look at what BlockOldLog or BlockNewLog do. It's a lot easier than an itemblock.
  21. Try Registering it in preInit that is where i have mine also i think it needs modid
  22. Question have you registered Item Variants? The relevant code being ModelBakery.addVariantName(item,name)
  23. Short answer: Nothing to worry about. Long answer:Nothing to worry about. It's just that the client can't authorize the username of the Dev environment which is usually Player[random number] so it doesn't actually exist on the mojang servers and it returns the authorization error telling you, you can't play on online servers
  24. surround your code with if(!worldIn.isRemote) which means it will only do it on the server not on the client as well which makes a false item
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