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  1. I have an item, which contains NBT data about an ItemStack, and I wish to have the model of the item be the model that the NBT ItemStack would use. (Sorry for the bad explanation.) Edit: How do I register an ISmartItemModel for my item?
  2. ItemMeshDefinition returns a ModelResourceLocation, so can I get the ModelResourceLocation from an IBakedModel?
  3. Ah, sorry. I thought you had to do those in init. But what about getting an item's ModelResourceLocation?
  4. Thank you for your help, I will look into these. Is it possible to give an item a custom overlay (similar to enchanted item overlays) for specific layers? Edit: And another thing: How can I get an item's ModelResourceLocation? Edit 2: I am struggling to get ItemMeshDefinition to work. Init event: @EventHandler public void init(FMLInitializationEvent event) { test = new TestItem(); if (event.getSide() == Side.CLIENT) { ModelLoader.setCustomMeshDefinition(test, test); } } TestItem: public class TestItem extends Item implements ItemMeshDefinition { public TestItem() { super(); this.setUnlocalizedName("test"); this.setCreativeTab(CreativeTabs.tabMaterials); GameRegistry.registerItem(this, "test"); } @Override public ModelResourceLocation getModelLocation(ItemStack stack) { System.out.println("Test!"); return new ModelResourceLocation("potato", "inventory"); } } Edit 3 (): I managed to get the issue to work, apparently you meant ItemModelMesher.register(Item, ItemMeshDefinition)
  5. I am trying to render an item which is based off of another item, based on the items NBT data. In previous versions, I would have used an IItemRenderer, but that no longer seems to work. So, is there a method which allows me to do this?
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