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  1. Well where are our damage bar models? This occurs after the item's model has rendered - it is not supposed to be used to use GL to render items in the inventory - it is supposed to be used to add bars, numbers and other information to an items icon.
  2. This event is fired after an item's icon has been rendered and is intended as a method to add additional information (such as extra durability bars and numbers) without requiring overly complex models (and if you cannot change the durability bar with resource packs, why should you be able to change the energy bars on electric items?)
  3. Its a game. You use it exactly for fun. Edit: But you should update 1.9 is like 1.7.10, but better.
  4. You'll need an IModel and ItemOverrideList as I said in my previous post. Probably an ICustomModelLoader as well. You'll also need a texture for each digit so you can generate the BakedQuad s for the number. I don't know that much about the rendering system, so I can't help you much more than this. Hmm. I was hoping that there would be a way around doing this, at least when it comes to adding extra bars/numbers.
  5. EnderIO has an experimental 1.8.9 version, the source of which is available on GitHub. I think the proper way to do this is with a custom IModel and ItemOverrideList , like Forge's ModelDynBucket . For a limited number of variants (e.g. a single bar with 10 steps), you can do what RFTools does: manually create the textures and then use them standard models. The bar is the easy part (relatively), what about numbers (like an arrow counter on a bow)?
  6. Sorry to invade but there is something I never understood: getWorld().notifyBlockUpdate(getPos(), state, state, [u]3[/u]); 3. Where does this come from? I had no idea what to put there when I was needing to sync data, so I put Integer.MAX_VALUE.
  7. Well, EnderIO is for 1.7.10. That is two major versions (and an overhaul of rendering) ago.
  8. You should not need Minecraft.getMinecraft().getRenderItem().getItemModelMesher().register(item, 0, def) . What is your code for ModelLoader.setCustomModelResourceLocation(item, 0, def) ?
  9. I know about those - but that is for the green durability bar. This is about adding a second durability bar above this. And some numbers above that, which are colored depending on non-tool specific information.
  10. I want to add additional information to the icon of an item - such as an electric bow which has a durability bar, energy bar (in blue) and a number showing the number of arrows left in the players inventory (which is colored if the next arrow used is a potion effect, or glows if the next arrow used is a glowing arrow). That is an extreme example, but demonstrates what I am after. How can I do this?
  11. Get the TileEntity, cast to a TileEntitySign then use TileEntitySign#signText
  12. Now I just need to remove tool durability and the changes to attack damage/speed.
  13. if (this == MAOres.SapphireOre) { //Stuff } else if (this == MAOres.RubyOre) { //Stuff } else { //Stuff } OR you could pass what it drops, the minimum amount it drops and the maximum amount it drops to the constructor and just drop that with said amount.
  14. Internet is being slooooooow... "##","##","#", ModItems.tutorialItem Should be "##","##",'#', ModItems.tutorialItem " makes a string, ' makes a Character Edit: In ModCrafting, on line 16. Forgot to mention that.
  15. Ok, on the latest version PlayerEvent.HarvestCheck does not fire if you have a proper tool equipped, which means I cannot prevent a tool from working.
  16. net.minecraft.util.text.translation.I18n , I think. At least that is what I use.
  17. You can change this again using PlayerEvent.HarvestCheck and possibly PlayerEvent.BreakSpeed (may not be necessary). What about attack damage/speed? How do I remove those? Edit: Also, PlayerEvent.HarvestCheck does not fire when mining ore blocks. Edit 2: I will look to see if my forge is out-of-date. If it is, what is the method for updating the forge version?
  18. The Barrier block spawns particles when you are in creative mode. May not be what he is after.
  19. Cancel PlayerInteractEvent when right-clicking a furnace. Is there an event which would allow me to stop the creation of a TileEntity when placing/loading a Furnace?
  20. Err - whoops, I badly worded that. By "container" I meant a TileEntity which contains stuff (like a Chest), not a Container class.
  21. Not really, the item-modification methods (like setStackInSlot) in the TE should do that. Well don't they do it through markDirty?
  22. Ah - I had looked at PlayerEvent.HarvestCheck and found that it did not work on wood - is that a bug? I didn't know about BlockEvent.HarvestDropsEvent, but that looks like it is what I am after.
  23. Ok, so I need to change the vanilla properties of a few blocks: 1: Log blocks need to require an Axe to harvest (otherwise they drop nothing, like Stone). They also need to take longer to harvest. - I have tried calling setHardness and setHarvestLevel in preinit and the tools take longer and it does require a certain level tool to harvest, but it can still be harvested by hand. 2: Vanilla ore blocks (and other modded ores, specified by myself or a config file) which drop themselves need to instead drop an item, which is affected by Fortune (and will drop itself if harvested with Silk Touch). - I think I might be able to do this with Events, but if there is a better method please let me know. 3: The Furnace needs to be craftable but non-functional (cannot be right clicked, all Furnace recipes will be diverted elsewhere) - I would prefer it to not have a TileEntity, but if I cannot stop that then I can just cancel the event by hand. 4: Vanilla tools (and other modded tools, specified by myself or a config file) need to be craftable but non-functional. - I think this one may require actually changing the class of the tool, but I am uncertain. The replaced tools will act like they are Sticks in that they do not modify damage, attack speed, mining speed or harvest any blocks which cannot be harvested by hand. 5: (Somewhat unrelated) What is the best way to determine if something is food (IE: Can be eaten)? Do most mod creators who implement food extend ItemFood?
  24. When information within the TileEntity is modified and it needs to be saved to the file when unloaded. Like if you have a container and you add/remove/modify/move/whatever an item inside it.
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