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  1. Thanks elix for keeping this topic up to date. I too made a mod doing the basic same thing you wanted just Oct 9th 2015. Not released or published as I haven't picked a license yet. Hate that part. It was a few lines of code. I just modified the all the biome's min and max heights to 0.0 except for hell, end, and extreme hills biomes. The side effects were interesting. Certain biomes will not generate like jungle. This is likely due to height restrictions. The mod is only one class (file) and excluding build.properties and mcmod.info the mod class is only 83 lines long with lots of blan
  2. I hope clicking that button generates some event for which I hope one's mod can have an event handler for and "deactivate"/unregister the stuff the mod does activates/registers.
  3. Likely. But others may have made a solution to the same problem.
  4. Did you ever find out how to turn on debug messages to the gui? I understand sending debug and trace messages to the gui is not a good idea. However during development of a private mod I don't mind seeing my mod's debug and trace messages in the gui. I have tried a log4j2.xml with select <Logger> named and leveled settings, one file in each part of the entire class path, to no avail. Meaning I clearly missed something. I used several loggers: org.apache.logging.log4j.Logger and FMLog() I get log messages, just not with TRACE or DEBUG levels.I presume that those logger
  5. A hijacker is someone who takes control of something that is not his or hers. I am asking the original poster to post his solution, leaving control in his hands. His solution would add value to the forums. I am not able to open my own topic with his solution. I think this eight-month-old coding solution/topic is still relevant.
  6. Remember players start in dimension 0. You will need to change pre-defined dimension 0 (world types) or teleport the players to your dimension, which is therefore, NOT dimension 0.
  7. From the sound of it, I am guessing Shiva doesn't want to "put everything back" the way vanilla Minecraft does. Ripping out biomes, event cancelling galore, deleting existing structures, replacing ravines, etc is a convoluted way to have a dimension with only elevated plains, flat desserts, lava oceans, and villages on stone pillars for example. I agree with you if it's just adding or removing features to vanilla biomes, as they are positioned, shaped and decorated. But it's pithy to start from scratch if you don't like how vanilla places and shapes biomes and fills layers 0 to sea
  8. Your links are dead prior to 2015-Oct-3. I was hoping to see your solution to your problem so that I may learn from it.
  9. I knew that would catch your attention. This either brings up a memory or a delusion but... I've seen that before on another old PC I had just when Minecraft 1.5.? came out. I was able to play Minecraft 1.4.7 with forge and a slew of mods just fine. DirectX 9.0C was end of life, I think, and graphics hardware just started using more texture stuff. I couldn't play Minecraft 1.5.x Vanilla at all on it. I wasn't able to play Minecraft at home until Minecraft 1.6.4 was release. Other people complained about the issue, I think on minecraftforums. So I drilled down into the L
  10. I cleared out my logs directory before rerunning. These where the only three files in the logs folder. Above is a crash-report, seems only the date is different. The issue happens with Forge/FML-1502 as well, as that is what I'm using now. Here they are. Hope it helps. latest.log http://pastebin.com/1ZJWMkeV fml-junk-earlystartup.log http://pastebin.com/WQ6bzS6U fml-client-latest.log http://pastebin.com/9KmZ7Dza By the way I just found this URL (related issue?): https://github.com/MinecraftForge/FML/issues/644 If I had seen that URL before-hand
  11. LexManos, I noticed almost a month later from your request for the logs. The settings in splash.properties did resolve my issue of crashing however, meaning I can play the game. Here are the logs anyway. Crash Report http://pastebin.com/QvteL03p Game Output (within Launcher) http://pastebin.com/D1M1P26f If there are "more" logs I don't know where those files are located or their name.
  12. "No, you haven't " Hey look at that! Forge snuck that past me. I didn't have 1.8 installed before then. Nice feature!
  13. "Another side note: Forge does not run on 1.8.7 yet, only 1.8." Arg! Although I got it started atm in 1.8.7 I suppose 1.8.7 with current Forge 1450/1487 will crash or something. At that point I guess I'll try 1.8.0 then. Thanks a bunch! Your and LexManos and other's have given my kids and I lots of joy over the last 2 years.
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