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  1. When I do ANYTHING with gradle in Windows 10, it gives me the same error. Keep in mind I changed NOTHING before upgrading and it was working on windows 8. https://gyazo.com/d3862e3351a5faaea1d622f20687cbeb As you can see, I have all the correct files, and have tried reinstalling jdk and jre, along with creating new forgemodding folders and testing...help??? HOWEVER, I can still run the mod through eclipse and it works. EDIT: I just build the project on my spare mac, and it worked, so the error isn't with the code, I believe.
  2. I think it changes the players name based on what class he is?
  3. [shadow=red,left][/shadow] That's what happened to me, qq, was never able to fix it. Before asking the community though, please look through the nether & end chunk providers, considering they make the entire dimension one biome.
  4. Honestly, just taking an educated guess here. I had the same problem with a 1.8 custom block (1.8 is so much better for modding ) and once I went into the block json file and changed the values to what one of my other blocks was, it worked. Is there an equivalent of that in 1.7? no clue tbh
  5. Np, I'm sure there's an easier way to accomplish this though Override the BiomeGenBase#getGrassColorAtPos method that Failender mentioned. ;-; never looked at that in the BiomeGenBase class. Would it change the color of the entire block or just the top layer (green)?
  6. I've done the same thing as you, and when my modid is lowercase it seems to work all of the time
  7. Oh, okay. But how would I spawn this custom particle without having access to server-side? I want it to show up whenever I hit the zombie
  8. I re read what you were doing, and I was completely wrong ;-; disregard all of the above. How are you getting and saving the selection of blocks? Post your code please I made a mistake and assumed you were doing something less complicated, my bad. Just post the class. Honestly, the way I'm thinking of is really simple (if what you're trying to do is what I think)
  9. Honestly I forget, don't you have to return the block's default state as well if your item is a block? Or make a new item stack with a block
  10. Will be uploading a tutorial on this in your thread in about 2 hours. This post serves as a placeholder for me to remember. It's actually pretty easy
  11. That would strike me as the easiest way, yes. View my GitHub if you have trouble creating your block code -> https://github.com/Runner55/Gems I'll try to think of an easier way to solve this though, in the meantime.
  12. First, you need to check whether the player is in creative mode with an of statement. Next, you need to get the item id of the item you broke (I think there's a method called onBlockBreak for that). Finally, return the block id in the onBlockBreak method. I'm just trying to make simple solutions, so if this doesn't work, tell me and I'll spend some time thinking of a more concrete way to solve this
  13. I love to think basic, so if this works I'll be really happy. Why not 1) change the mob texture so it's an extremely light color (almost transparent) or set the light level of the entity?
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