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  1. Hi, You must have started as I have, following tuts and such without knowing Java. LEARN IT. If you don't, modding will be extremely difficult. Still must continue? Here is your answer: Please learn Java, it will make everybody's life easier if you wish to mod.
  2. Hi, If the mod is also serverside, you can use packets. Have the client ask the server and have the server reply with the result from your function. Probably is a better way though, I would think it would be built in; but I dunno. -Green
  3. Hi, Seeing this and pretty sure I know the answer, I gotta say something. The jars should be 1.4.4 or you could use 1.4.5. Be SURE to use MCP 7.22. I bet that's the problem. If you had MCP update itself, then redownload the right version.
  4. I really must say, if you search 'erlang java done right' you will find this post second, or at least I did.
  5. Hi, First of all, why are you using modloader compatibility functions, this is FORGE. Second, I know somewhere something is passing a null reference that does have to do with the trading. Have not looked into it and don't have the time. Hope that points you in the right (not left) direction. -Green0Yoshi
  6. Hi again, The server minecraft player instance (the one where you opened to lan) and the player one (connecting to lan). There should be two .minecraft folders which should each contain a log file each but are called the same. Sorry I couldn't be clearer. -Green0Yoshi
  7. Ooooooo. DERP If anything, try an earlier stable version if permitted (mods are ok) or try (probably not) newer versions of minecraft if mods are updated. Otherwise I have no idea and else someone else -Green0Yoshi
  8. Hi, You didn't read it right, he means version number i think (I may be wrong too oh noes ) Can you post both of the "ForgeModloader-client-0"' files? I think it will help. Thanks, Green0Yoshi
  9. Hi, First, the length of the page is smaller and looks nicer if you put the error into a code block as well. Try a newer or newest forge, I'm thinking this bug is probably fixed, as it is an NullPointerException which means someone dropped the reference (dun dun dun) these are annoying. If the bug exists in the ABSOLUTE NEWEST FORGE, then try other things, such as same spot on the world in other saves, find the block thing, etc. If it keeps on happening, put the bug on the github bug tracker, I'm sure lexmanos or someone else will get around to it. Be sure to be clear in all you did, as if
  10. So, derp, First, blocks should return config or edit a global one. Do this or the config file won't save the changes. Second, why you make a new object rather than run static functions, ill never know. It will make minecraft go a little faster too. Three, the whole config thing should be in a try catch thing so you don't crash minecraft. You might wanna, I dunno. Four, have the blocks names be global but initialize them after you get all the data for them (block/item id). You would also have global variables of the block id's or put them in a separate objects or array for easy organ
  11. If you want to change vanilla, you need core-mod or jar mod. If you want your own mobs, there is a function (somewhere) that spawns at a certain X,Y,Z. Don't ask me how to make a core-mod, go ask someone else. -Green0Yoshi P.S. I may be wrong about the function, but I'm pretty sure that's how it works.
  12. Hello, I would think so, because an array is just storing objects with the same name using numbers to see the different objects. You wouldn't be able to use it possibly depending on how forge interprets the blocks (I may be wrong) -Green0Yoshi P.S. I can't see your hidden code while typing reply. Edit: After post I can, but you should put it into code blocks and spoilers please. Also ignore my original post, I read it wrong and thought you couldn't make block arrays that worked. Edit 2: PLEASE READ YOUR ERROR REPORT. There is a reason people ask for it. Your problem is
  13. Hello Sir. I made an account (was gonna anyway) to help you. Your code is as far as I care to understand, Well... However, in onBlockActivated, in the if else statement, return true if setOpen is false else return true if setOpen is ture. Thus you make a loop of true. Solution, if you don't know already: //Instead of return this.setOpen() == false; //return return this.setOpen(); Actually you made a big derp. SetOpen() is ALWAYS true... Have you even learned Java? Im a partial newb and you fail. There should be a variable in the class which would be called pr
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