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  1. Yes, I know. There is a WorldEdit mod, I need to get data from its channel for my mod on the client. I can leave the mod only on the server and register the WorldEdit channel. But I am testing the mod in the ide and at startup the WorldEdit channel is registered on both sides, which prevents the mod from launching
  2. There is a channel from which I need to receive incoming data, but as I noticed, Forge does not provide such an opportunity or am I missing something? It would be possible to register the desired channel and add a listener to it, but then the game will crash and give an error about an already existing channel.
  3. And I need to load each jar(as Forge does with mods) in runtime
  4. Yes, but what's the point of carrying 20+ dependencies with you when you can load only what you need(yes, my mod can do this), but I need to load these dependencies during startup. I found this Launch.classLoader.addURL but apparently this does not work with the new version of Forge.
  5. No, these are separate libraries that are loaded as needed
  6. And the last question, I have libraries that are loaded into mods/myfolder and I need to load them. Fabric has a FabricLauncherBase.getLauncher() But I don't see anything in forge that can allow this to be done
  7. Yes, but the problem is that need to make sure that the registered commands are vanilla
  8. It needs to be added for all vanilla commands, perhaps it should be done via CommandNode, but I'm not sure that binding to literal argument will work
  9. To avoid creating a new topic I'll ask here, how to add requires for vanilla commands?
  10. Is it possible to switch the mod to the server-only state? So that even if the mod was installed on the client, it could not start(it was skipped by the mod loader)
  11. Previously, the registration was in FMLServerStartingEvent, now there is an additional event for this, but this is inconvenient. That's why I'm asking how this can be done. Or is it possible to call FMLServerStartingEvent at the beginning, and then RegisterCommandsEvent?
  12. Oh, okey. @SubscribeEvent public void serverStarting(FMLServerStartingEvent e) { // Creating managerProvider managerProvider.register(); } // In ManagerProvider public void register() { MinecraftForge.EVENT_BUS.addListener(this::onCommandRegister); } But it doesn't work for me
  13. Hi, i have a FMLServerStartingEvent and i need register RegisterCommandsEvent, but i can't make this. Event registration only goes through the constructor, are there any workarounds to solve this?
  14. Solved, need add this to build.gradle classpath "org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-serialization:1.5.21"
  15. Hi, I am writing my adapter for Kotlin, but the main loader does not see the mod. What did I do: 1. Implemented IModLanguageProvider, IModLanguageLoader, ModContainer 2. In toml: modLoader the name of custom loader is set 3. In META-INF created service with path to custom IModLanguageProvider But, this is not work in IDEA. I output IModLanguageProvider#getFileVisitor to the console and it showed that the class was not found. Although the annotation hangs over the class. Please do not write that I do not need it, that there are ready-made solutions and blah-blah-blah. I have other goals, but first I need to at least solve the problem with the launch.
  16. Your code works well, I should have used the yaw player instead of taking yaw from my projectile. Thank you again
  17. Upd, oh sorry, i replaced in my entity yaw rotation to player yaw and this solve my problem. Thx
  18. This code is similar to the arrow. The problem with this code will be that when I turn 45-90 degrees, my bullet will take the position on the left side
  19. I'm writing a mod for weapons and I ran into the problem of projectile position when shooting. How can I spawn a projectile so that when viewed from the first person, it flies out of the weapon, and not from the center of the screen?
  20. Hi, on that was replaced by this class: S26PacketMapChunkBulk?
  21. Create my custom server core with forge and bukkit(aka cauldron on 1.7.10)
  22. I need vanilla server with forge without client code.
  23. This is understandable, just in mcp you can easily get the source code of only the server. But for forge I do not see this opportunity, and to have to remove methods with the SideOnly(CLIENT) annotation. And it affects other methods not SideOnly(CLIENT).
  24. But in General I need not the server itself, but only forge only with the server part of the api.
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