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  1. Thank you for that clarification. Is there any way to include the Project1 and Project2 outlined in the code block? Development Forge the stuff normally in the forge dir src Project1 Project1 Stuff Project2 Project2 Stuff
  2. just wondering, are the Project1 and Project 2 folders in the Forge folder, or the folder that the Forge folder is in?
  3. by adding the natives jars to you build path as well
  4. No, wrong section for that... I think he means method to call on the server to send a message to all players on the server.
  5. add a launch parameter in your IDE to your run configuration. the parameter is "--username <name>"
  6. try using the following Psuedocode @Override public void tickEnd(EnumSet<TickType> type, Object... tickData) { if (type.contains(TickType.WORLD)) { onWorldTick(new Random()); } }
  7. *laughs* Red Power 2 source code, available? *laughs a lot more* But seriously, I'm not guaranteeing the code quality, but Mekanism is an Open Source mod that has blocks that do what you want. Look at Energy cubes in here. But that is for 1.5.1... If you really want 1.4.7, just backtrack through the commits...
  8. Just make it render in both passes, and have a completely empty Icon for the pass in which it shouldn't render. NOTE: UNTESTED! It's only an idea...
  9. But the person with the file open in a text editor, configuring the mods they have installed usually doesn't see it that way...
  10. Some mods already do; Forestry has one for the farms, named [Forestry] Buildcraft has one for the quarry, et al, named [buildcraft] Red Power 2 has one for its block placers/breakers, and IIRC, it's named [Redpower] Forge already has hooks for this, but it isn't compulsory to use them, yet...
  11. The damage value wildcard for ItemStacks has changed, but I can't remember what it changed to... I think it changed to Integer.MIN_VALUE but I'm not certain...
  12. Because of the unified code that forge has implemented (Which IMHO is a very good thing). If you just used ModLoader you would have to maintain to separate code-bases, but wouldn't run into this issue.
  13. It's being run on both the server and the client... That if (par1World.isRemote) { return true; }else{ //Code goes here } is checking if it is on the client, and if it is, return true. If it isn't, it is actually doing stuff...
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