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A furnace that doesnt need fuel


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I am trying to make a furnace which doesnt need fuel and is always on but i am not sure how to do it i have implemented the block and everything i just dont know how to make it always on.


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in the Tile Entity, just constantly keep cooking whatever the input is, instead of checking for fuel, I don't see what the issue would be. honestly, making a furnace which needs fuel seems harder than one that doesn't

maybe you could be more specific on what you're not able to accomplish, so we can help you

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what i did is that i made the block and everything works as a normal furnace its just that the part of removing the need for fuel is confusing me i am unsure about how to do it.

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oh, I see

no, if you to modify the behaviour you need to create your own furnace class, Tile Entity, Container, Screen and Block

and handle all your logic from there

at the moment you are simply creating a new vanilla furnace, and you can't do that kind of modification from there

if you want some examples, this repository has some on how to create custom tile entities: minecraftbyexample/mbe31_inventory_furnace

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