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Toggling Data Loading with Config


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I have a mod that pretty much only loads a data folder. I'd like to introduce a config file that will allow me to load different versions of some of the data files, or not load some at all. Is this possible? How would I go about doing it?

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How is the system designed to do what I need? I'm trying to provide a quick and easy way for my mod's users to modify which data files the mod uses, one more accessible than writing their own datapacks to override my mod's data. Ideally, they'd be able to change a 'false' to a 'true' in a .txt and have my mod load different data files. Has anyone written a way to change loot tables or crafting recipes with a config file? Those solutions might have some applicability to my situation.

Edit: to clarify, the data is inside my mod's .jar, so it's not easily accessed and modified by the user.

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I am aware that it can be overridden by a data pack. I would like to allow my users to modify or remove the data in ways more accessible than creating and applying their own data packs. Can I do this with a .txt configuration file?

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