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Forge 792 Server not loading mods


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I think I got the installation process correct.  I grabbed the 792 installer and launched it.  Selected the Server option and pointed it to an empty folder.  It did its download and I created a  .bat file to launch the minecraftforge-universal-1.6.2- (not minecraft_server.1.6.2.jar).


When I launch the server it starts without problem but it doesn't seem to be loading any mods.  So far I've only tried Biomes-O-Plenty and IC2.  I did set the server.properties level-type to BIOMESOP but I'm not seeing any of the mods biomes.  I also found a swamp biome and found no IC2 rubber trees.  I've deleted the world a few times and restarted the server and it all looks vanilla to me.


I do see something in the log about checking the two mod files to see if they are coremods but otherwise, I don't think they are being loaded.  I also am not seeing a config folder.  Am I missing something? Everything works cherry on the client side.


ForgeModLoaderLog - http://pastebin.com/7d4tWzCe


Update:  I installed Iron Chests, I can craft it but can't pull it out of the crafting table.  I've triple checked everything and can't figure this one out.  Either it's a bug or I'm just stupid.  =)

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Not to make my first post a "me too!" post, but I'm having the exact same issue as OP, also with Biomes o' Plenty. I've followed all the instructions, and done clean installs on both a PC and a Mac, but same issue in both places.


Incidentally, if I create a Biomes o' Plenty world and swap it for the "world" created by the server, the server launches, but with some "[sEVERE] no item id" warnings, and the resulting world is missing all of the unique Biomes o' Plenty blocks.


It seems like the forge server just isn't loading the mod... Any ideas why not?

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