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[Solved][1.16.5] A question about Blockstates JSON files


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EDIT: If anyone is having the same issue as me, the log tells you the exact combinations of the missing blockstates.


I have been having issues with writing blockstates JSON files. I have searched the documentation but did not find enough information to narrow down the place that I am wrong. I have coded several items with multiple different blockstates and some of my JOSN files work fine while others never seem to work. I do not notice any major differences between the two and am writing to ask your help in figuring out how to write these files.

I have coded a lamp that has the blockstates HorizontalBlock.FACING and BlockStateProperties.AGE_3. My JSON file is below. I have checked it in several JSON validators and have a JSON editor addon added to Eclipse but still cannot see anything wrong. The Inventory icon works fine so it is not an issue with the texture.

    "variants": {
        "facing=north, age=0": { "model": "testmod:block/ceiling_light_off", "y": 180 },
        "facing=south, age=0": { "model": "testmod:block/ceiling_light_off", "y": 0 },
        "facing=west, age=0":  { "model": "testmod:block/ceiling_light_off", "y": 270 },
        "facing=east, age=0":  { "model": "testmod:block/ceiling_light_off", "y": 90 },
        "facing=north, age=1": { "model": "testmod:block/ceiling_light_1", "y": 0 },
        "facing=south, age=1": { "model": "testmod:block/ceiling_light_1", "y": 180 },
        "facing=west, age=1":  { "model": "testmod:block/ceiling_light_1", "y": 270 },
        "facing=east, age=1":  { "model": "testmod:block/ceiling_light_1", "y": 90 },
        "facing=north, age=2": { "model": "testmod:block/ceiling_light_2", "y": 0 },
        "facing=south, age=2": { "model": "testmod:block/ceiling_light_2", "y": 180 },
        "facing=west, age=2":  { "model": "testmod:block/ceiling_light_2", "y": 270 },
        "facing=east, age=2":  { "model": "testmod:block/ceiling_light_2", "y": 90 },
       	"facing=north, age=3": { "model": "testmod:block/ceiling_light_3", "y": 0 },
        "facing=south, age=3": { "model": "testmod:block/ceiling_light_3", "y": 180 },
        "facing=west, age=3":  { "model": "testmod:block/ceiling_light_3", "y": 270 },
        "facing=east, age=3":  { "model": "testmod:block/ceiling_light_3", "y": 90 }


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There are better ways of handling multiple properties now instead of listing them all out.


{ "when": { "east": "true" },
  "apply": { "model": "oak_fence_side", "y": 90, "uvlock": true }


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Thanks. I checked the logs and solved my problem. I am not sure if multipart would help for this block but I will definingly read more about them and use them in the future! The issue was that I included a space before the age.

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