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Help with starting to creating mods


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Hello, im new to coding in java and i would like to create simple mod. Can anyone give me link to a tutorial that can teach me to make:

simple mod that not doing anything but displays in mod menu //
custom item
custom block
custom entity
custom recipe / machine

(( I would like to start with forge 1.12.2 + so i will use new methods like Models instead of IIconRegister ))

Also i would like to use Eclipse...


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Hi! I’m new to modding too, but I have started making mods that can run, which includes some blocks like normal blocks, and a fence that is 2 blocks high, so I think I can provide some info here.

Learning some Java is vital, I think you can learn it from official tutorial on Oracle, online tutorials, and books in library.

Also, I recommend you to write some small programs for practice. As vim’s tutorial says, learning lies in practice!


For learning modding, try to read Getting Started in Forge doc and examplemod code in the initial Forge workspace. These helped me understand some basic about how to register blocks( letting forge know the blocks you made) etc. 

By the way, you can look into TheGrayGhost’s examples, it’s on github, and really helpful!

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Oh and, you can read the readme in Forge Dev Kit (which you will download on forge’s website) to build a valid workspace that can be used by IDEs.

You should also look into vanilla code( which is under Project and External Dependencies, if you are using Eclipse as your IDE). It offers some example as well, and you need to learn about it first before you override the classes and methods to perform functions based on functions that exists in vanilla Minecraft.

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