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[1.16.5] Cannot invoke EntityRenderer because "entityrenderer" is null :Unexpected Error


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Hi, I'm new to java and coding and I wanted to create an entity (an example one) just to see how it works and runs. However, when I summon the entity the game crashes and in the crash log it says the following error in the title. Been stuck for 2 days now as I don't know what's wrong with it.

Crash Report - https://hastebin.com/goxemoquta.http

My code:

Main Class - https://hastebin.com/yiluqavazu.swift

Rendering Registries - https://hastebin.com/ikakegaqum.swift

EntityTypeInit - https://hastebin.com/ayewuhevov.swift

ExampleEntityModel - https://hastebin.com/uvozeretum.yaml

ExampleEntityRenderer - https://hastebin.com/uwijivifax.java

ExampleEntity - https://hastebin.com/bawijecimi.java


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Hey @diesieben07 even with the getAddEntityPacket and getEntitySpawningPacket my textures aren't loading and the entity is either invisible or is visible but in a very wrong state. Can you have a look at my code and see what's wrong with it?

My EntityTypeInit - https://pastebin.com/8rY2gnma

My ExampleEntity -https://pastebin.com/PymCXQiH

My ExampleEntityModel - https://pastebin.com/sgtS6yeA

My ExampleEntityRenderer - https://pastebin.com/BsCqtgUL

My ClientEventBusSubscriber - https://pastebin.com/MNnWr1Kv

My WeatherMod(main java) - https://pastebin.com/5hQqjsSX


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