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1.17.1 - ToolAction


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I just recently switched from the beta 1.17.1 to the current release one.

I am not getting how to use ToolAction (as it has replaced tooltype) to assign what tool type is needed to break the custom blocks.  


Where do i put that, and how do you assign the mining level needed?  I'm not seeing it and I can't seem to find it via digging through the ida in the project.

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public class ModBlocks {
	public static final DeferredRegister<Block> BLOCKS;
    public static final RegistryObjet<Block> KYPTOITE_ORE;
    public ModBlocks{}
    static {
		BLOCKS = DeferredRegister.create(ForgeRegistries.BLOCKS, "gworld");
		KYPTOITE_ORE = BLOCKS.register("kyptoite_ore", () -> {
			return new KyptoiteOre(Properties.of(Material.STONE).destroyTime(5).explosionResistance(1000)

Normally there would be the options of "harvestTool" and "harvestLevel", since I plan to add a great variety of ores, I mean, peaks for better minerals than diamond and I want to add for example "harvestLevel" at level 5, before they were, I was developing the mod on 37.0.26, but that version had a bug with the "loot_tables", so I opted to update my project and now I'm stuck for that. 

(The project is in forge 37.0.33)

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harvestTool is now set in json which i had explained in this thread

harvestLevel is also set via json but it's a bit more complicated,
you need to create a custom block tag and add your block to this tag if you create an ItemTier
wich can mine the block you should return the tag in the ItemTier (take look at the ForgeTier and at the TierSortingRegistry class),
for tags look into the vanilla Tags classes

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