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[1.7.2/1.6.4]GeoActivity - expanding the Minecraft Earth [v1.4]


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GeoActivity v1.4 - expanding the Minecraft Earth

*Now compatible with MC 1.7.2

*Forge Version:



This mod requires Forge to be installed on your Minecraft client!


Check out this mod on the Official Wiki!






- 3 new coal types

- new armor/tools sets that can be customized

- new blocks

- new machines

- Chemistry



General Information


This mod adds 3 new different coal ores to the game:


Anthracite Ore - spawns on layers 18-38 in veins of maximum 3 blocks, more difficult to find

Bituminous Ore - spawns on layers 34-48 in veins of maximum 3 blocks, not very hard to find

Lignite Ore - spawns on layer 46-64 in veins of maximum 3 blocks, somewhat common



The mod adds a variety of modular tools that can be upgrade with Perks.There are also tools that act like a pickaxe and shovel in one and a tools which is a pick,shovel,sword,axe and hoe in one.Because they are modular, that means that you can put any Perk you want on it.


Perks range from Wider Radius, Fortune to No drop and Auto-Smelt.There are currently over 10 Perks available.


We also have implement a chemistry system, with atoms and molecules.Currently there are 19 elements that this mod adds.These elements are used in a Chemistry Machine to craft various items.Elements are extracted from items using the Coal Refiner.


There is also a multiblock furnace that can quadruple your resources if used correctly.Be sure to check it out!




The mod is compatible with NEI, so be sure to have that installed if you want to browse the recipes available for each machine.




To install, just place the .zip file in the "mods" folder in your .minecraft folder.


For more detailed information check out the Official Wiki Page!








This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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Nice first mod. Keep up the good work, I might make some of the ores a little bit rarer, so it doesn't become over powered. Then again coal is a pain to collect, and easy coal would be nice. (I know coal is really common, but if you have a minecart train you need a lot of it.)

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