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I'm not sure what serialize/deserialize is?


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2 hours ago, diesieben07 said:

Depends entirely on the context. As it stands those are two words that you can look up in a dictionary.

Lol. I didn't mean the literate word. Of course I can review that in a translator. By definition that would mean "to repeatedly, or in succession tag/label/numerize/sent/release something", if related to actual code?

I may as well completely expressed myself wrongly. What I mend was, when do I want to use it? Is it comparable to a "for loop", only it automatically applies numbered variables?

Does it have any relation to "produce in series"?

I've seen people using it, and asking for it all the time, yet I haven't had a case to use it myself. I just want to prepared, so I actually understand when I want to use it, once it shows up. I guess I'd use it when a serializer doesn't exist for a given tag/recipe/loot_table etc.?

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Oh, so load from/into memory?

Like this is adding a new "serializer" to the "acceptedItems" aka -> 0_0, 0_1, 0_2 etc.???, if the length is 1? If not, it will create a new array which will serialize like 0, 1, 2, 3?

I really still don't understand what I'm talking about.

	   public JsonElement serialize() {
      if (this.acceptedItems.length == 1) {
         return this.acceptedItems[0].serialize();
      } else {
         JsonArray jsonarray = new JsonArray();
	         for(Ingredient.IItemList ingredient$iitemlist : this.acceptedItems) {
	         return jsonarray;


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