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How to remove duplicate trades? [1.18.1/1.17]


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As you read from the title, I have a mob that extends to custom abstract villager etc (literal same function as wandering trader but modified), everything is fine but sometimes I get same duplicate trades,

how can I fix that? I was possibly thinking something to do with from:

    protected void updateTrades() {

        ModVillagerTrades.ItemListing[] avillagertrades$itrade = ModVillagerTrades.CROAKER_TRADES.get(1);
        if (avillagertrades$itrade != null) {
            MerchantOffers merchantoffers = this.getOffers();
            this.addOffersFromItemListings(merchantoffers, avillagertrades$itrade, 9);
            int i = this.random.nextInt(avillagertrades$itrade.length);
            ModVillagerTrades.ItemListing villagertrades$itrade = avillagertrades$itrade[i];
            MerchantOffer merchantoffer = villagertrades$itrade.getOffer(this, this.random);
            if (merchantoffer != null) {

method thats in my entity class

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24 minutes ago, Luis_ST said:

you add trades to the MerchantOffers twice
since AbstractVillager#addOffersFromItemListings already adds trades to the MerchantOffers, in your case 9
then you add a random 10th trade

So on my Villager trades class or in this method of mine in my entity class, just a bit confused still so I apologize

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start with an empty collection, then add your trades. it is pretty simple.

instead you pasted wandering trader code which takes 5 (iirc) trades from one list and adds a 6th one from a second list and you plugged your list into that. as a result - you wasted hours trying to find out why this thing doesn't work, but you did initially save 2 minutes by not reading what the pasted code does. nice job.

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