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[1.18.1] How to add tree Features ?


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Normally in 1.17.1 i use BiomeLoadingEvent#getGeneration()#getFeatures() then and add some Supplier ConfiguredFeature<?, ?>

But in 1.18.1 it want PlacedFeature and i look ConfiguredFeature class i see placed() method.

Ummmmm Let's go back to 1.17.1 on decorated() method by put this parameter

.decorated(Features.Decorators.HEIGHTMAP_SQUARE).decorated(FeatureDecorator.COUNT_EXTRA.configured(new FrequencyWithExtraChanceDecoratorConfiguration(1, 0.1F, 1)))

Okay now coming to 1.18.1 i use placed() method by put this parameter.

.placed(PlacementUtils.HEIGHTMAP_WORLD_SURFACE, PlacementUtils.countExtra(1, 0.1F, 1))

but there are no trees, 
Is there a way to make a tree spawn?

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the Features class from 1.17 has been split into separate classes,
the Tree Features are now in net.minecraft.data.worldgen.features.TreeFeatures

in 1.18 you need also a PlacedFeature for each ConfiguredFeature,
you can find the vanilla Tree examples in net.minecraft.data.worldgen.placement.TreePlacements


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@Luis_ST I check ConfiguredFeature class from vanilla i see method placed() has new PlacedFeature() object if i use @Override from placed() method and return some PlacedFeature from TreePlacements can it working ?

Edit : Maybe give me an example ?

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why did you not create the Features (ConfiguredFeature and PlacedFeature), in the same way how vanilla does it?
you don't need to extends/overwrite something

also the classes i told you above has a lot of examples

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