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[1.18.1] Making existing blocks emit light


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I am making a mod that is supposed to make wood emit light when clicked with a stick.

So far I have the RightClickBlock that tests for when a Player is clicking a planks block while holding a stick, but how do I make that single wood block emit light?

I have seen Blockstate#setLightLevel(), but that doesnt exist in 1.18.1. 

It probably would be doable using reflection to set the light of ALL wood blocks, but I need to set the light level ONLY for the CLICKED wood block.

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  • Minetrinity changed the title to [1.18.1] Making existing blocks emit light

Yes, I thought about that, since Blockstate also has a function to get the Light.

But It lacks a method to change light.

Should I create a costum subclass of BlockState, or how do I create another Blockstate?

Edit: What is that MapCodec<BlockState> parameter in Blockstates constructor?

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4 minutes ago, Minetrinity said:

Ok, how do I register a new blockstate for every block with the Tag "minecraft:planks" then?

you can't register a new BlockState you need a custom Block,
since the BlockStates are bind to the Block

4 minutes ago, Minetrinity said:

I can not simply create a planks block class, because other mods might also add new planks blocks.

thats a good idea, but unfortunately you can't use the planks Tag since it's initialize later than the registery is fired,
i would recommend you to only replace the vanilla planks, then create a way that allows other mods to add your PlankBlock

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