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Updating from 1.16.4 to 1.16.5 (javafml)


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I have been trying to update my mod from 1.16.4 to 1.16.5, so I updated the Gradle and mods.toml file to match with 1.16.5. Even when refreshing, I boot up the dev client and get the error "Mod File in-development needs language provider javafml:36 or above to load." How can I update javafml? Or am I updating the mod incorrectly?

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3 hours ago, Luis_ST said:

post mods.toml

displayName="Honey Sticky Piston Mod"
credits="Thanks to Cy4 and their community for teaching me how to mod and samjviana for some helpful code!"
A new sticky piston that you can craft with honey!

Actually I think I know the problem. It isn't the mod itself but the referenced libraries. Even with refreshing, it still keeps the jar files for 1.16.4, so when I load the client, it runs 1.16.4 and not 1.16.5. If I build the mod and play it through the Minecraft launcher on Forge 1.16.5, it works fine.

If that's the issue, then how do I refresh those libraries?

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2 hours ago, MFMods said:

there is a "dependencies" section in build gradle. did you update that? if not, download MDK for the new version, compare two build.gradle files and update old one.

I already have, and I've learned that the mod works in 1.16.5, but the version of Minecraft I run within Eclipse is not working. It keeps trying to run 1.16.4. I ran the genEclipseRuns task in the command line, which said it downloaded forge 1.16.5, but Eclipse still refers to the old version. I tried refreshing both the Gradle and entire project, but nothing worked.

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