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Forge Mod Loader (client) 1.5.2 Does not work anymore due to mojang file changes


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This is a post I wrote in a different forum, but then thought to come here: it is kind of poorly written since it is 4am right now and im frustrated and tired of searching for a fix for this problem. If what I have wrote does not make sense. please ask me to clarify!




The new minecraft client does not create a bin folder anymore, they now have everything in .minecraft/versions. I am confused now because every tutorial on how to install FML with 1.5.2 says you have to go to bin folder and do some stuff to the .jar file. So now with the new location, I do that there and it does not work the same as how mojang used to have the files set up. I do no think it is possible atm to use the original 1.5.2 mod loader anymore. I think it needs to have a actual fml installer for 1.5.2 like it does for 1.6.2.


If someone can download a brand new fresh copy, and try get fml working for 1.5.2 and tell me how. This would make my day so much. Everyone that asked about no bin folder, they either say, re download it. but they don't install the files the same anymore. so that wont fix. and nobody has put up a solution yet..



After Thought:

Since the 1.6.2 Update, the file construction for the .minecraft folder is different and most likely all other fml version do no work. Would it be possible to make an installer version like 1.6.2 fml which is so much more user friendly and quick to use.


Thanks for reading, I really hope this post is in the right place, if it is not, please let me know so I can move it!



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There are instructions out there on how to copy the version folder and edit the jar. Think of the version folder as the old bin folder with some extra stff. After I get home I was gunna take a look into making a 1.5.2 installer but remember we don't officially support older versions


I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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