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Forge 39.1 Minecraft 1.18.1


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Forge Version: 39.1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.18


However, as this is the start of a new version, it is recommended that you check the Downloads Page and use the latest version to receive any bug fixes.


1.18 (38.0.x) is bundled in with this release because it was only out for a very short time.
It's been a long time coming - with 1.18.2 dangling over our heads for a while we prolonged the RB, but it's here, and it's stable. Not much API has been added, we spent a lot of time refactoring and slimming unused API.
Additionally, we used this time to transition to a new build server, so our capacity to make new builds of Forge has greatly increased.



  • Add Client-sided Commands
  • Add renderable API to allow easier rendering of OBJ and other custom models
  • The vanilla Gametest framework is now integrated with Forge
  • The character "-" is no longer allowed in modids.
  • VanillaGameEvent was added to allow for globally listening to vanilla GameEvents
  • GameEvents for shears and elytras were added
  • Items can hide parts of their tooltips by default
  • StructureFeatures can be added to tags
  • MobEffects can be added to tags
  • Added the ability to get a Codec for a ForgeRegistry
  • Add ShieldBlockEvent
  • Add RenderArmEvent
  • Added server ping data compression - solves some situations where servers are wrongly marked as incompatible
  • Allow dimension JSONs to specify that the dimension should use the overworld's seed


  • Log4J security mitigations for every version released, past present and future
  • Fixed double registry injection when loading single player worlds
  • Fixed RegistryObject not working if created after registry events are fired
  • Missing or unsupported dependencies are now logged, in case they cause a crash before we can show a screen
  • Creating config files also creates parent directories if they do not already exist, as they used to
  • Fixed particles being fullbright for a few frames when first spawning
  • Fixed TerrainParticle rendering black under certain conditions
  • Fixed comparison of custom ParticleRenderTypes leading to broken particle effects
  • Fixed clients being unable to deserialize tags for custom registries
  • Fixed being unable to fetch blockstate in BucketPickup#getPickupSound (for multipley-logged blocks)
  • Fixed custom climbable blocks not sending a death message
  • Fixed modded tools not working on glow lichen
  • Fixed issues when multiple mods declare the same optional tag
  • Fixed `MinecraftLocator` not respecting non-`MOD` FML Mod Types
  • Fixed server side release of custom payload packet buffers
  • Fixed ScreenEvent accepting null screens
  • Fixed getPickupSound not being implemented on ForgeFlowingFluid
  • Fixed LivingExperienceDropEvent not firing, expecially for dragons
  • Fixed String.format calls not having a Locale parameter
  • Fixed LivingDropsEvent not having all drops for foxes
  • Fixed Mob Spawner logic with CustomSpawnRules
  • Fixed regressions for onAddedTo/RemovedFromWorld and related events

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
Consider supporting the team on Patreon

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