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New to Minecraft Modding


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Hello Community,


Running through the codes of MCP, and tutorials. I do have java experience, and I would say a great deal of it through being a computer science student, going into my Junior year. Just started looking through the MCP yesterday.


I am not sure how much support I should expect out of this post, but here is my question. Does anyone have a few places for me to start looking inside of the MCP for modding my own, use of an additional bar like food for example. My idea is to make water a use, for dehydration. Possibly using the pre built water bar, but I would rather be able to import my own water droplet images. Also I would be looking for any code that may help me realize what blocks the character is near.



My idea is to add a water usage to intensify hunger games/pvp type games, where you have to stay hydrated or else over time you will get a nausea effect on your character. This hydration would be fixed by walking into a source of water, or drinking a waterbottle (kinda like darkcloud). I would be adding my own temperature to the game (unless there is one already).


But I will be looking through the forge notes, other posts, and such to find out what I can about this as well, just any additional help would be great.



Minecrafter starting Modding.

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I do have java experience, and I would say a great deal of it through being a computer science student



yes, well if you have experience with java you probably already know that javadocs are super usefull, so if you google "minecraft forge javadoc" youll find (obviously ) the forge javadoc go there whenever you want a quick overlook of what a certain class does,

also, take a look at the tutorials on the forge wiki as a LOT of them help understand the basic mechanics of modding


to answer to your specific question


-packet handling





also feel free to naviguate the minecraft source (since you have access with mcp) because you will learn a F***ING lot from understanding the mechs of the game


and most importantly


gl hf welcome

how to debug 101:http://www.minecraftforge.net/wiki/Debug_101

-hydroflame, author of the forge revolution-

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I recommend entering the #minecraftforge channel on Esper server on IRC!

Also the mcp channel where you can use the mcp bot to search for the known deobfuscated names of methods like func_234_a.


Im on the phone so I didnt read your whole post but theres a intro to mc's code on the wiki here, which you may enjoy:


I suggest starting at the top with blocks and then you'll quickly see if its to your liking :)


Also for rendering HydroFlame posted some tutorials on tesselation and such on the wiki, be sure to check them out, he knows his stuff ;)


As for other tutorials quallity varies, the mc src will be your best way to find the truth ;)


Also WE LOVE YOU for knowing java <3

You will have no trouble finding helpfull people as long as you know oop somewhat and are willing to learn even more :)


Welcome :D

If you guys dont get it.. then well ya.. try harder...

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