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[1.18.2] Variable not syncing or doing what its supposed to do after reloading world


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Hi there, I am trying to make the tanks in my mod require fuel in order to move. I've done this by requiring in order to be controlled by rider (extending PigEntity) they need to have fuel > 0. I have a function set up to print out the amount of 'fuel time' left, that is working as intended. It shows that even when there is plenty of fuel (meaning fuel > 0) it is not syncing up with the stuff allowing the entity to move, and as a result it cannot move. 

I had a hard time describing this, I can clarify if needed. 


Yes, I am saving it to the entity's nbt


The class (parent to all the entity classes in the mod) the problem is in: 


Github Repository of the Mod


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8 hours ago, Crescentine said:

it is not syncing up with the stuff allowing the entity to move

entity moving is client side, you should use an EntityDataAccessor to sync the data,

you can take a look at the vanilla Entities for how to use it

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