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Forge not working

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When I try and run forge my Minecraft it crashes and says I have a invalid java runtime. I have installed biomes o plenty (1.19) On forge. I have the  correct java downloaded and have been watching videos and reading articles for the past hour telling me all the same stuff, redownloading forge and java and it never works. Can somebody please help me to get my forge to work?

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On the main curseforge screen click the "gear" icon - bottom left of the screen. It should say "settings" when you hold your mouse over it.

Click minecraft.

Turn on the "Enable Forge debug.log" in the advanced section.

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In curseforge click on your modpack.

In its main screen, next to the play button you will see three vertical dots.

Click it and select "open folder", you will have a logs folder in there if you have run your modpack before.

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If your talking about the regular Minecraft launcher then yes that one. And I installed forge by searching Download Forge, downloaded the 1.19 version, clicked my downloads drop down, clicking forge and opening it, clicking on install server, and all these codes and stuff pops up, and then it just downloads.

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That is not the forge server folder you chose. You are looking at an operating system folder.

The forge server folder should have the following contents:


banned-ips.json      defaultconfigs  logs      run.bat            user_jvm_args.txt   whitelist.json
banned-players.json  eula.txt        mods      run.sh             usercache.json      world
config               libraries       ops.json  server.properties  usernamecache.json


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