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[1.19.2] Replicating vanilla's enchantment table particles


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Hi there, this is something I've been struggling to figure out for the last week or so. I will not be posting and prior code I had because of how many different approaches I've tried.

I've tried looking at vanilla's enchant table and bookshelf block classes and imitating that, I've looked through dozens of old forum posts about particles yet none of it has helped.
Essentially, I want to recreate the enchant particles that move from bookshelf to the center of the enchantment table. But for my custom block classes; I have one block that would represent a bookshelf and one that would represent an enchantment table in this case.

Thanks for any help in advance. I appreciate it :)

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12 hours ago, Novality said:

Is the list of BlockPos objects just the positions of each bookshelf? Can you help clarify exactly what the list 'BOOKSHELF_OFFSETS' is?

The List contains the Block positons from which the particles fly to the EnchtmentTabel in the center.
But yeah that are the Block positions of the Bookshelves (where they could be placed to "power" the EnchtmentTabel).

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