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How to use KeyBoard class in server


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A server does not have any keyboard input. Because a server is not a client.

Only clients have rendering and keyboard/mouse input.

A server will crash if you try to handle any of this.


Ask your self, when you speak of the servers keyboard, what key input are you speaking about?

Of the many players on the server, which one's keyboard do you want to listen to?


If you need keyboard input to affect the server you will have to do it clientside and then send a packet to the server, and handle it on the server side :)


If you tell us what you are trying to accomplish we may be able to give you some more hints.


If you are unfamiliar with packets, checkout www.minecraftforge.net/wiki/Packet_Handling and then http://www.minecraftforge.net/wiki/Advanced_Packet_Handling

If you guys dont get it.. then well ya.. try harder...

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