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Probability affected by an external value java logic problem


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Hi, I have a mob coded in and want to give it a stat called obedience. It would have a value that is affected by how you treat your mob (example give it an apple increases obedience by 1, hitting your mob decreases its obedience by its loss in health or whatever.) I want this stat to directly affect whether it will obey my command (im just trying the sit function that a wolf uses atm). So I wish to accomplish this by using a weighted probability and upon implementing the sit command activating the weighted probability which would return a value lets say 1% of the time that allows the sit function to be implemented (I know how to do this part mostly). But I want to affect the 1% chance of returning the desired value, directly using the value of the obedience stat. so the higher the stat would be the higher the chance of returning the desired value which would then allow for the mob to sit. Anyone have any ideas on how to do this logic wise in java.

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