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Automatically download mods from server to -> client


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i am aware this has been discussed an infinite times but I have the twist

Here are the main Problems and my counter ideas:


The mod would only be gapped from curseforge, through a curseforge, maybe link? like a mod pack, the reason id for the user to not obtain a "usable" version of the file outside the server maybe by making it depend on certain components that are only on the server


Put a limit, 200mb seems mostly fair as a default, could be changed in config, if REALY needed, this could be implemented in the idea for Solving "Timeout"

Timeout & Downloading:

a possible 1 fix for Timeout, downloading and maybe size, Pre-Server room, maybe the option to make another server for it masking the main server that would act like a mini server with maybe just a hub or empty world that the player waits there frozen or venturing until all of the processes are done where they are redirected to the desired server


1. most encrypting/decrypting or maybe leaving mid process such stuff would mostly all be handled by the forge client (or maybe an external one?)

2. the pre room may have a special/specific software and not the one we are familiar with

3. i have seen such things as a pre room but was mostly used to intercept packages on client side by bungeecord

4. if the way forge works with mods to maybe it cannot work without them being on when starting, client may to be made to restart game + join specific server




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You are correct, this has been discussed many times. And nothing you've brought up addresses any of the issues properly.

The answer is no. it's not going to happen.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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