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Updating Forge; modded minecraft; easiest way?


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I make a new folder for each time I update forge and/or minecraft versions.  Is there an easy way to update forge e.g. with mc1.6.4 from #883 to #916 and say install over the top of the older version? or something like that?  I mean without creating a new version and dragging mods and configs over. (I normally do it piecemeal in case something goes wrong with an id conflict or whatever)


I don't know how unlikely a possibility that is but put another way: what is the best way to recreate a modded 164/forge883 with forge916.  Is it enough to just copy the mods and config folders to the new version folder?


I hope this makes sense; I couldn't find a similar post.  Thanks for your time.

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Installing forge adds a 'version' to the new launcher, and then you can just go into the profile and select any version you have installed. Simple as that:


No fumbling with jars or folders at all. {Unless one of your mods is incompatible with the version you select, there's nothing we can do about that}

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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Hi-thanks for the replies- I kind of answered my own question by running forge version #916 into my #883 directory without problems, so I in changed the forge version with the same mods and configs and saves without creating a new separate forge #916 directory.


I have been making new directories outside dotminecraft (but still in the roaming directory) because I don't get how to isolate saves and mods to different profiles without doing it:  if I create a profile within dotminecraft I get all old saves showing up regardless of mc version.


I have seen references to mods being classified by mcversion within the dotminecraft\mods folder but can't reproduce it.  Are there supposed to be sub-folders like mods\1.6.2 and mods\1.6.4 in the dotminecraft directory created by forge?  And if I save a 1.6.2 world (in dotminecraft) why does it show up in a 1.6.4 profile in the dotminecraft directory?


I manage ok with what i'm doing and now know how to update forge by applying a new version to my old directory.  So thanks again for all your work and this forum.  8)

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If you share the same folder between profiles of corse the same data/saves/mods/configs/whatever is gunna show up in both profiles.

Thats what the 'game directory' option in the profile config is for.

I typically just setup everything to .minecraft/profile/{name}

And it's basically a copy of the needed files in there.

This is nothing to do with Forge, this is basic minecraft setup.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
Consider supporting the team on Patreon

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this is what Info I was searching for.

LexManos, to be clear, you create a folder in .minecraft titled "Profile" then another folder inside "Profile" folder with specific profile name (for example my "Forge844". So, ,minecraft/Profile/Forge844 {4example}.

Then what specific files do you put in the profile name folder? mods, saves, config ??

Do these stay in .minecraft?  versions, resourcepacks, assets folders, etc?


Simply , what are the "needed" files?





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yaaah , awesome so cool. this is the first explanation that was simple and worked. thanks once again for improving the MC experience. Forge alone has made it 1000x better. Now I can try out all kinds of mod setups and saves!!!

Because forge makes it so easy, in one month I went from never adding mods to having 70 mods working together, nice work !!


Thanks for the push to do it also!!!

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