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Ok, the World Generation Manager allows you to regenerate a specific mod but therefore i need the worldGenerators of the mods. So i edited the base class (GameRegistry). So it would be very cool if there is an event for this and that the worldGenerators are public. What i mean is that it's currently private static. So you have no access to it. If you could change it to public static, other ways that modders would have to make their on list (with the event when a worldgenerator is added).

I hope you understand it :-)

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No, my mod is working perfectly, but someone ask me if i could ask if this could be a standard feature of forge:



You could actually add this in as a PR (Pull-Request, allows you to change Forge classes and submit the changes to go into the official source) for Forge, make it a bit easier for mods to do this. Would surely change Forge a lot, I'm looking for adding Retrogen ores (ores that generate after the world loads, aka ores that can generate in non-generated chunks) in my mod, so this would help :).

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You could actually add this in as a PR


Yeah... that's kinda how you do it when you are suggesting additions to an open source project...

Create the hook/event you need, submit the PR and if it's a reasonable and well implemented then the forge team will consider it and may end up adding it.


If you guys dont get it.. then well ya.. try harder...

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