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Dont understand this Error, could use help finding cause


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Hey =P my test server is getting this error in console and i don't know what causing it.


I'm running forge on 1.6.4, v9.11.1.953


And I'm getting this error running mods or not




2013-11-25 18:12:33 | [???] java.lang.InterruptedException

2013-11-25 18:12:33 | [???] at java.util.concurrent.locks.AbstractQueuedSynchronizer.acquireInterruptibly(AbstractQueuedSynchronizer.java:1219)

2013-11-25 18:12:33 | [???] at java.util.concurrent.locks.ReentrantLock.lockInterruptibly(ReentrantLock.java:340)

2013-11-25 18:12:33 | [???] at java.util.concurrent.LinkedBlockingQueue.put(LinkedBlockingQueue.java:338)

2013-11-25 18:12:33 | [???] at cpw.mods.fml.relauncher.FMLRelaunchLog$ConsoleLogWrapper.publish(FMLRelaunchLog.java:46)

2013-11-25 18:12:33 | [???] at java.util.logging.Logger.log(Logger.java:610)

2013-11-25 18:12:33 | [???] at java.util.logging.Logger.doLog(Logger.java:631)

2013-11-25 18:12:33 | [???] at java.util.logging.Logger.log(Logger.java:654)

2013-11-25 18:12:33 | [???] at net.minecraft.logging.LogAgent.func_98232_c(LogAgent.java:85)

2013-11-25 18:12:33 | [???] at net.minecraft.network.packet.Packet.func_73272_a(Packet.java:172)

2013-11-25 18:12:33 | [???] at net.minecraft.network.TcpConnection.func_74447_i(TcpConnection.java:325)

2013-11-25 18:12:33 | [???] at net.minecraft.network.TcpConnection.func_74450_c(TcpConnection.java:549)

2013-11-25 18:12:33 | [???] at net.minecraft.network.TcpReaderThread.run(SourceFile:94)


I would greatly appreciate if sum1 could shed some light on this problem, Please and Ty =)

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Whatever service or mod you're using is adding a custom logging system which is breaking the one MC/Forge uses.

I'd talk to your server host if they are the ones applying that logging.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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