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Problem Installing Forge Source


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I've been using Forge on Debian GNU/Linux since Minecraft 1.5 (maybe 1.4, I can't remember). Installation has never been too difficult. Now, in 1.7, it's not working. I know it's not marked stable ("recommended") yet, but I think you would find this bug report useful.


To install, I downloaded the source zip file, and extracted it to a directory called "forge". I entered that directory, and executed these commands:


chmod +x gradlew

./gradlew setupDevWorkspace --refresh-dependencies

./gradlew eclipse


I ran eclipse and opened the directory "forge/eclipse/" as the workspace.


Here's where the problems appear. In the "project explorer" window, most of the stuff I'd expect (classes, etc.) aren't present. The "Run" menu is missing most of its options (see attached screenshot). Running "find | wc -l" to count the number of files, there were only around 1700 files for the version and around 1800 files for the version Back in the last 1.6 version I used, there were around 11000 files.


Basically, most of the stuff didn't get installed. Should I submit this to a bug tracking system? Or is there something else I should do, not yet listed in the installation wiki?


Thanks for reading.



PS: I was going to attach an Eclipse screenshot, but I'm getting an error message from the message board saying "Cannot access attachments upload path!". Just imagine the Eclipse "run" menu with only a single item, "External Tools".

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One of the major benifits of moving to gradle, is that all that extra temporary files that arnt actually used in development are gone.

The bulk of the files in your workspace now are things actually used by Minecraft, namely the assets.

However, if you run: gradlew setupDevWorkspace eclipse

And then point your eclipse workspace at "{installdir}/eclipse" everything should be setup for you, including the run configs.

If you use a different workspace, then you're on your own for setting up the run configs.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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