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[SOLVED] Custom Portal Works Correctly In Development Environment But Crashes In Production Environment

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The mod I'm working on is in 1.19.2.

The portal works correctly in Intellij but when I publish the jar, put it in the mods folder of the game it crashes with the following error whenever any entity collides with it:

java.lang.IllegalAccessError: class com.github.warrentode.turtleblockacademy.blocks.TBAMiningPortalBlock tried to access protected field net.minecraft.world.entity.Entity.f_19819_ (com.github.warrentode.turtleblockacademy.blocks.TBAMiningPortalBlock is in module [email protected] of loader 'TRANSFORMER' @16c5b50a; net.minecraft.world.entity.Entity is in module [email protected] of loader 'TRANSFORMER' @16c5b50a)
    at com.github.warrentode.turtleblockacademy.blocks.TBAMiningPortalBlock.m_7892_(TBAMiningPortalBlock.java:124) ~[turtleblockacademy-2024.2025-1.0.0.jar%23572!/:2024.2025-1.0.0] {re:classloading}

The thing is, I have Entity.f_19819_ in my accessTransformer.cfg file in this line: public net.minecraft.world.entity.Entity f_19819_ # portalEntrancePos

So what do I need to do to fix this error?

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problem solved
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It is the field that accesses the portal entrance position relative to the entity. So very much needed to make a portal work.

What I don't understand is why the access widener works when running the client in Intellij but doesn't after I publish the jar and try to play with game with it.

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Sorry, just seeing this now. The compiled jar was working just fine prior to me adding the custom portal, but here is the link to the entire project at the time the portal was in there:


Direct link to the build.gradle:


Direct link to the access transformer file:


And if you need to take a look at the teleporter class:


The portal block:


Currently, I've removed the portal block until I can figure this out and we just access the dimension via a clickable sign in the homeschooling LAN server we have here at home, but I'd really like to be able to solve and fix the problem. 

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I don't know how I missed it, but I did. The access transformer file had a capital T in it. Fixed that and the problem has been solved. I feel really stupid, but thank you for asking about that, because it had me rechecking until I finally saw it. I'm marking this solved.

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