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[1.7.2] thoughts about manual deobfuscation


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Since eclipse is so powerful for refactoring, I'm tempted to manually deobfuscate methods as I discover what they do. However, I would like to provide a bread crumb for the reobfuscation process to use when I want to deploy my mod. Has anybody ever considered using Java annotations to leave such a breadcrumb? Something like:




public @interface Breadcrumb



    * The unique mod identifier for this mod


    String obfuscatedName();



Then when you rename a method, you'd write:


@Breadcrumb(obfuscatedName = "func_149711_c")

public Block setHardness(float hardness) { ... }



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That could be very nice if forge would implement that!

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Not gunna happen, interesting idea, but the better solution that will happen, eventually, is that Forge will become independant of the mcp mappings allowing modders to contribuite to the central naming effort and see there work rewarded.

However, that requires some specialized tools to be re-written so will come in time.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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