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Installing Minecraft Forge and Mods is not easy at all - Need help badly!


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Maybe I'm just really stupid but the amount of time and effort I'm spending trying to activate one mod is insane.


I would like to install this mod:



I got here to get Minecrat Forge:



I click "Direct>Installer" - Once downloaded, I open it with Java and click "Install Client"


After I do this, nothing happens. It acts like it installed but says it got 0 libraries, which doesn't seem correct. Going into minecraft I see no difference at all, nothing in my resource packs except "Default".


I have also tried just dragging and dropping the downloaded file into my minecraft.jar folder (using 7zip), but again, nothing changes.


Also note that I have the latest Minecraft version, but I tell it to use 1.6.4 in the "Edit Profile".


Any ideas? Help would be GREATLY appreciated!


Thank you.

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-.- If you tell it to use '1.6.4' in the profile it'll use 1.6.4.

You need to tell it to use '1.6.4-Forge{whatever}'

The forge versions are added a long side the normal versions so they can live in peace.

Or, you could use the 'Forge' profile that is added for you automatically.


I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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